First of all let us say, we check your site daily and read your daily scoop. Lately, this bashing of Evan has turned focus towards other musicians in a negative way. Mystikal(who is ONE rapper not a rap act),Clee and Money B from Digital Underground (who , with underground hits like “Sex Packets”, “Freaks of the Industry” and “The Humpty Dance” these guys have etched out their own history in the rap/hip-hop community.
These people that you so quickly sluff off as nobodies do have something porn people do not. MAINSTREAM CREDIBILITY. I’m a DJ at times and I play music by ALL OF THESE artists mentioned so far. We are also involved in the sex industry, so can relate to both.
8 years ago I booked and promoted a club called The Globe in Milwaukee , Wisc..Biohazard played that club and I had the pleasure of meeting every member of the band and crew…GREAT GUYS , GREAT BAND…ok, so you may night like music that will rip your head off if you are weak and not prepared with the committment involved with that genre of music. BIOHAZARD is very well respected in the rock community…PERIOD. Evan is on one of the highest acclaimed HBO seies of all time….It makes me wonder who may be player haters here?
I have dated porn actresses and have recently married an ex-feature and magazine model, so I know how it goes….some guys are cool, some guy are not cool…about OTHER GUYS FUCKING THEIR WOMEN. PERIOD.
You can’t knock Evan and Tera for making decisions we hope are based on love just because we all have seen these relationships fail before…cut them slack,give your blessing, wish them well!!

Happy Holidays, Mike

Sheila Shooter & DjB

Thanks for the letter guys and I am well aware of who Mystikal, Clee, MoneyB (Why ya think I call him mini B anyhow?) are, Hell I even shot music videos for Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz. But remember if I don’t have fun on the site here then I have nothing to write about, all these guys are big boys and they can handle it and porn is a target rich environment (and yes I’m often a target) so things will move on to another absurdity soon enough.

As for the Tera/Evan thing as a company owner I can identify with Digital Playground here, they have invested a lot of money and time turning ths one trick pony into a media sensation, while I might question Digitals right to make Tera fuck on film I do not question Digitals right to prevent her from working for anyone else, that’s what contracts are all about, and yes that includes mainstream work. Digital Playground owns Tera Patrick for the next 6 years and rightly so they created Tera Patrick.

Evan and Tera have been repeatedly offered the chance to say whatever they want here, unedited, they have declined to do so as is their right. But both being public figures they are not exempt from commentary here.

And don’t forget Ron Jeremy has way more mainstream celebrity than Evan Seinfeld will ever have. Ask someone on the street who Evan Seinfeld is and most will say “who” or “oh is that Jerry’s kid”

Then ask em who Ron Jeremy is…

Happy Holidaze y’all



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