Fake Twitter Alert for Danny D

Hey Mike wanted to let you know that some weird guy has been posting as Danny D using the twitter account @DxnnyDxxx. It’s a fake account. Danny D’s real twitter account is @DannyDxxx.



158950cookie-checkFake Twitter Alert for Danny D

Fake Twitter Alert for Danny D

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3 Responses

  1. I am not a fan of Brazzers or MindGeek (actually I wish its owners would go to hell and take Satan’s pitchfork up their asses — there is plenty of proof as to why on that one) but will still jump to Danny’s defense on this one. Why in the hell would anyone make a fake account of a porn director? The guy isn’t an Axel Braun, Jacky St. James, Jeff Mullen/Will Ryder or a Brad Armstrong. There isn’t any advantage to pretending to be an almost unknown, run of the mill porn director like Danny D. Frankly I can’t name anything Danny directed or produced nor do I know much about the guy except I think he posted here pre-site sale under his full first and last name. I have an idea who might have done this but with the libel/slander lawsuit Mike South had to deal with before he sold this site and me not having adequate proof of this I won’t subject the new owners to that possibility on a whim (no, it isn’t the person that sued Mike).

  2. Karma, I wish I had just enough cock to Gag Factor the cutest women in porn’s throats, pound their pussies and gape their asses. Everyone knows Michigan cocks are two inches or smaller, the lakes on three sides surrounding the state causes a dick length deficiency syndrome during gestation (the time a baby grows in a female’s uterus) in humans. You will be glad to know that I do carry the distinction of having the biggest cock of a person whose mother spend her whole pregnancy in the state at about two inches fully erect. However, Michigan female human pussies are all thimble tight from the same phenomena with the lakes on three sides so your cock (or likely Danny D’s for that matter) won’t fit inside. Have a nice day. 🙂

    BTW since I can’t morally subscribe to a MindGeek company’s website nor do I believe in using tube sites to watch porn could you tell me how big Danny D’s dick is? I am wondering if it is as big as Shane Diesel’s or Lexington Steele’s and if I should write Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest at New Sensations to use him for their big dick movies where they have the porn performers with the biggest dicks try to fuck cute young chickies with extra tight pussies and assholes like Melissa Moore and Riley Reid. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    In all seriousness I didn’t intend to insult Danny D. I just had an honest question as to what advantage whomever did this to Danny received from it. Even if it was someone with a moral objection to MindGeek, Danny is (evidently) just a hired hand, not an owner. Whomever did this should let the guy work in peace and make spoof Twitters of MindGeek owners and management, not some hired director who is in just about all likelihood trying to make a living doing something he loves to do.

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