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Tell your boy Wankus he sounds like a idiot. I have been doing adult sites for over ten years and only a complete moron would put any faith in Alexa rank of a porn site, that’s fucking stupid. The only thing that matters on a porn site is does it make money and how fucking much.

Wankus isn’t really an idiot, he is actually a pretty likeable guy, he just has a tiny penis and this is his way of making up for it. LOL.

Time for an Education on Alexa:

Wankus loves to crow about his Alexa rankings and time and time I have told him that doing so is not very wise because Alexa is not a valid representation of traffic to a site. Look at how Alexa Works:

You see Alexa first assumes that every hit to a site with an Alexa enhanced browser is a representative sample, for instance it may assume that one hit = 10,000 users because presumeably 1 in 10,000 people use alexa on their browser. That in and of itself is the first fallacy….it may work well in the general population but in porn sites we all have alexa on our browsers and we all visit each others sites, that articficially inflates us relative to the rest of the websites that arent porn.

More importantly Alexa counts each page view as an extra hit, so if you have all your articles on one page like I do and JimmyD does you will have a higher (thus lower traffic ranking) Alexa ranking than a site with each article on a seperate page Like AdultFYI, AVN and others do. If the average reader reads 5 articles a day on AVN.com or adultfyi.com then me and Jimmyd would have to get 5 Times as many viewers to our site to have the same ranking that adultfyi or avn do.

In reality We all have almost identical traffic. But there are other ways to artificially enhance an Alexa ranking.

For Instance AVN can submit a gallery page to The Hun or al4a once a week…and host it off avn.com thats a guaranteed 100,000 uniques in a day, that will run your alexa ranking through the roof even though nobody ever really hit avn.com they just looked at a thumbnail gallery page that was hosted there.

So Wankus, before ya start playing whip out with your fellow porn gossip sites ya best learn that penis extensions don’t count.

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