Derrick Burts Steps Up

Cameron Bay,
I am not too sure how familiar you are with my story. Back in the fall of 2010, I contracted HIV while working in the industry. I am not here to attack or place blame on the industry. This shouldn’t be about politics right now. Everyone should be trying to help you. I am here to offer you support as a fellow performer who once had to experience the shock and pain that I know you are experiencing.

When I first got the news I was completely shocked. I never imagined in a million years that something so tragic would happen to me. I always felt invincible. The first thing I was told was to avoid reporters, get out of town and lay low. I did that for a while, until I decided to speak out to bring awareness on such a huge issue within the industry. Not just HIV, but STD’s in general.  I want to commend you for coming forward and letting people know who you are. I can tell you from past experience, that decision is not an easy one to make.

I want you to know that you are going to be okay as long as you get proper care and treatment. I have an undetectable viral load and my health has been great. What is important at this time, is that you see a doctor right away. Get all of your questions answered   and do the necessary lab work that is needed to start your treatment. I encourage you to not get involved in any of the battles or politics going on at this time. You need to take care of your health first and then decide how you want to move forward to raise awareness as I know you have mentioned of doing.

There are several female performers in the industry who think something like this would never happen to them. I really hope that you can be an example to them and help them understand the true dangers that are out there.

If you have any questions you may want to ask me, or if you need any support at all, please contact me.

Derrick Burts

From another performer
If you’re in touch can you please get this to her
Bickerstaff Pediatric Family Center
2701 Atlantic Ave., Suite C
Long Beach, CA 90806
562 933 8590
hey work with uninsured HIV patients at low cost

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Derrick Burts Steps Up

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