Derek Hay Responds To Lisa Ann

Statement from Derek Hay – Owner of LADirect Models: 08 / 14 / 2013
Though I sincerely do not wish to be drawn into a public back and forth by Lisa Ann, I feel compelled to
state a few facts for the clarity of the record and the best interest of all performers and studios in the
It will be obvious to all that Ms Ann make her best effort here not to ‘get to the fact’s’ but in fact to twist the tale in order that I personally or Direct Models can be found at fault. Clearly this is not the case and it is very sad that she finds the need to do this, especially surrounding an allegation – yet unproven – but nonetheless most serious in nature.
I will avoid responding in kind, ignore the venomous nature of her attack and provide some clear facts.
* I did not inform Lisa Ann that Direct Models only permits its talent clients to test through TTS or CET only. LabCorp is a large and trusted Lab that has run tests for many talent for many years and is familiar to many talent and studios, and to APHSS.

* Studios individual testing policy varies but many studios and APHSS accept testing from a variety of labs and draw stations so long as the industries required tests are administered.
*APHSS provides a list of accredited labs on their website that talent may choose from.
*By way of example one of them they list is STD Status Approximately 2,000 locations nationwide
Hours will vary by location
(888) 789-5639
Lab(s) utilized: LabCorp Laboratories
Test turnaround time 1-4 business days, in most cases
STD Status is neither CET nor TTS
* Direct Models did learn that Alex Gonz had tested using a draw station and using Lab Corp as the analysis Lab that returned the results. Upon learning of this he was directed by Direct Models not to do this again and to use TTS or CET, as there was no good reason that we knew of, to do otherwise, when testing in Los Angeles. Also see below,
*Alex Gonx booked most of his own work and it has been stated already that Direct Models booked one (1) shoot in July and one (1) in August, for him. The second one in August was in fact commuted to a dialogue only scene not because the studio would not accept a LabCorp test but because the LabCorp test took four days for results to be returned and was not back in time for the shoot. Alex – despite numerous reminders from Direct Models chose to test only the day before the shoot and in informing us he had finaly tested, neglected to inform us that he done so using a draw station and LabCorp and not either CET or TTS. That he had done this was not revealed until the shoot day when he, Agency and Studio were looking for his test results in order that he could be cleared to shoot sex.
* Direct Models did not know then, nor knows now, whether the allegation that Alex Gonz is positive for Hep C have any merit or truth. The only way that could be known would be for us to be shown a positive test result, to be informed of such a result by a doctor or other health professional or for Alex Gonz to inform us of that himself. None of those things have occurred,
* For Lisa Ann to state that Direct Models did know this, or should have known this, is the height of irresponsibility and belies a gross misunderstanding or ignorance of HIPPA law. We could only know if one of the three (3) items listed above occurred. Such matters of serious health risk, require and demand a considered and calm analysis and should not be used in such a manner to conduct a personal vendetta,
* LATATA has asked Lisa to come forward with whatever evidence she possess or has been provided that lend credence to her claim, thus far I am unaware this has been provided.
* Lisa Ann has stated that she offered to buy Alex Gonz a new test at TTS or CET and that had he done this – this would have revealed the truth of the matter. This is incorrect as until Monday of this week (Aug 12th) neither TTS nor CET provided Hep tests as part of the standard panel. The standard panel of test required by studios and APHSS currently includes – HIV by Aptima, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis by RPR and Trep Sure (not always both). On Monday of this week (Aug 12th) and as a result of communication between LATATA and TTS as a result of this allegation, TTS agreed to reinstate their complementary testing of Hep B and C through the remainder of August. This is tremendously helpful.
* The scene for which Lisa Ann was cast with Alex Gonz was not booked by Direct Models. That same studio has apparently shot Alex Gonz many times in the previous months and Lisa Ann states she knows that he shot two gang bang scenes and one orgy scene for that studio included among those scenes. None of those scenes were booked by Direct Models.
* Perhaps Lisa Ann might ask that same studio that employs her and Alex both, – why they accept a LabCorp test, for their scenes? The answer is because it contain all of the industries required tests and fits within the industries or studios required time frame of acceptance, ? i.e not older than 30 days.
* That studio does not require talent to have an APHSS green light for working for them, they require that talent bring a clean test with required test results and that the test not be older than 30 days. Does Lisa Ann believe they are at fault for this policy ? Why then is she willing to work for them?
* Or only that Direct Models is at fault – on a shoot that Direct Models did not book?
* It begins to get farcical so I will finish.
I will finish with a few questions of my own. With no reliable evidence to support the question(s) below and so with only the ‘word on the street’ to go by, which is the same credence from which Lisa Ann make her allegation, apparently. Unless she is privy to information withheld from us that would assist to answer her question definitively. With that precursor, and so clearly stated, I pose the following questions. I have been informed that Alex Gonz took a test at CET testing facility in June during the time when both CET and TTS were performing Hepatitis tests for no additional charge along with the adult industries regular panel.
a. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
b. Lawfully no one in possession of these results may reveal them to anyone else, unless the patient has given permission for that.
c. Was the result of that test Positive for Hep C?
d. Is that why APHSS marked him as unavailable even though he had good test results for the standard adult industry panel through Lab Corp?
e. It would certainly be revealing to know all or part of that.
f. Could that be the reason Alex chose to test at Lab Corp where he could chose specifically what tests to take and therefore choose not take a Hep test?
These are the questions that if answered may lead us to the truth. Direct Models is certainly interested to learn the truth and if a loophole in the industries testing procedures has been found, to assist in an effort to close it.
If anyone is able to assist in answering them – please write me at:
[email protected]
Thank you,

This was sent to me by a business insider and it certainly sheds some light on the issue  It seems that even the APHSS approved labs dont really know what is going on.  I absolutely applaud Lisa Ann for exposing Alex but I have yet to see anything that would indicate that Derek knew of his status.  Stephanie is with an APHSS approved lab that tests using Labcorp.

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Derek Hay Responds To Lisa Ann

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33 Responses

  1. This is exactly the way APHSS set it up. TTS and CET were doing the hep tests, and this APHSS approved place wasnt. That was the plan, so the hep positive performers could go there, get tested without the hep, and be listed as available. The only question is, how may other Hep+ performers did this?
    But most talent, when testing at TTS and CET have the results emailed directly to their agents.

    This is the biggest CYA loophole in the whole testing scam. They can say anthing they want(I never caught an std in ten years), deny anything they want(I never saw a positive result), and then know that HIPPA laws are going to make it impossible for anyone to get the truth. Remember, these are the very same people now hiding behind HIPPAA who used to demand that AIM and Sharon Mitchell out every ositive person, but now that it is their asses and not Sharons on the line the quickly change their tune and sing the privacy song.

    But what will happen when one day, maybe soon, someone says fuck it, and violates the HIPPA laws and tells the whole story?

  2. Think about it this way. Derek doesn’t like Lisa Ann so he attempts to give her Hep C by setting her up with somebody he knows has it!!! Time to investigate this ASSAULT!!!!

  3. But now Dianne and APHSS says they will start having mandatory hep tests starting Sept 1. Looks like early retirement for several veteran actors will be coming soon.

  4. Who can believe a Bloke that sucks cock and loves the feeling
    Of another mans cock in his ass and runs one of the biggest gay male talent agencies in the world.
    He’s full of man shit!

  5. Robert Black is now taking credit for giving information to Lisa Ann about Alex Gonz. This could be true or Robert Black may be trying to make himself appear more important then he actually is. I wish Lisa Ann will say one way or the other whether what he is saying is true. If Gonz does not have Hep C, he should come forword and take a test for Hep C. The more he stays quiet, the more he comes across as guilty.

  6. So rob is taking credti for setting this whole thing up, which seems to indicate that ROB KNEW this guy had hep c, but instead of coming forward right away he puts this plan in motion.
    So Rob, how many people worked with this guy during the time that you knew and the time the ‘sting’ took place.

    Looks like Rob put the desire to make himself a hero in front of the safety of the talent he claims to represent.

    Rob, when did you learn of Alex’s hep c status, and why did you keep it secret? Didnt YOU say that anyone who keeps this stuff secret is no better than the infected person keeping it secret.

    Rob, we all know you read this site, so please, When did you learn of the hep c positive performer and how many other people were exposed by him before you launched your little plan?

  7. @jilted
    I’ve been scouring this page for a long time, but never felt a need to respond. I decided to chime in. Hello all.

    Rob reminds me of a drummer I used to work with years back. He used to tell the most absurd stories in the fucking world that no one believed. Then, like 3 years later you’d find out that they were totally true. So far, Rob has said a ton of shit, but it winds up being true or it winds up happening.

    If what Rob is saying is true I don’t view it as malice. If Rob were to just come out and say it then what weight would it even have if it were actually true? The only news source that speaks positively about him is Adultfyi and we already know why.

    However, if Rob were to book a scene with said actor knowing that said actress would be pissed and be vocal about it then Rob is methodical like Irwin Rommel. He’s the Desert Fox. If it is true then he just threw down a mind-fuck.

    We don’t know if Rob had this planned with Lisa Ann, but if he didn’t he took the biggest MILF in the biz and put the workers in panic because of what she said. I think Rob knows that certain people will not put any weight in what he says so he just used someone else that those people will listen to. Rob’s got an agenda and if he can force everyone else to have the same agenda then he is obviously succeeding at it if what he says about the government getting involved is true. I’m assuming it is.

    If Lisa were to go on with the scene for some reason I’m sure Rob would step in and stop it. I don’t think he set up the scene. That would be a red flag. He doesn’t have a studio now, does he? He isn’t directing. I think he talked to others and had them do it.

  8. Come on Robby! Tell us the answer to jilted questions.
    Are we will bring out the news about really what happen to you
    at La Tuna Federal Correctional facilty and WHY you were in
    Adminstrative segreation…..You don’t want people in porn that
    you are trying to get to join “Your” union to know right..?

    Are do you need some help with with that anus tampon? still today…

  9. AVN reported one reason, but it wasn’t correct. I don’t remember exactly what AVN said, but someone told me it was because he was on meds for an OCD he had towards germs and if you are on psychiatric meds they throw you in there instantly. All of those on them are under suicide watches at first. Was he on ad-seg the whole time?

    I’m with you though. I’d like to hear more information on what exactly is going on or if this is true. And if so, how was he able to do it?

  10. CPan, I here what youre saying, but these actions that rob claims to have taken are completely opposite of what he is preaching, that health and safety MUST be the number one priority. How many other performers worked with this guy during this little game that Rob was playing. If I had worked with this guy lets say five days ago, and found out that Rob had known before that, do you think I would join his little union.

    How dare he sacrifice the health of anybody in order to play out his game? Rob demands openess in the industry, yet it appears that he kept a secret just so he could cay “Got ya” Is this the behavior of a leader, a union president, willing to sacrifice performers to prove a point?

    Personally, I think he is bullshitting about setting it up. He just doesnt seem that smart, because if he did set it up then he violated the trust of every person he claims to represent. The fact that he is taking credit for it also shows he aint to smart, beause he admits he knew but let others continue to work with him. Is that any way to build a union.

    Speaking of Rob Black being the president of a union, I think there will be some news regarding that very soon. LOL

    ps. UAWA is NOT a union.

  11. Rob has been proclaiming that these things, the syphilis scare, the hep scare would not happen with the UAWA, but they did happen, and the UAWA was aware, but decided to play a game with peoples health instead of putting an end to it. Good way to attract people to your cause Rob. Like calling performers who will work with Clover, “low life scabs” Good way to get performer support Rob, youre a real leader.

  12. Hell, I join his union to get all the work I can.
    Its been really slow and here in San Diego all I
    can get are directing website shoots.
    James is suck all the cock and ass out there in LA
    and selling dope to all the Casting people at Vivid and other companies
    to help get us work. I might have to let Marcie suck and lick my asshole
    soon. But I am all for a union in porn. I can’t go on being a porn industry kiss ass very long. 38 years old and Daisy tits are starting to sag.

  13. Nick,havent you heard. It was Rob Black who set up the scene. or so he says, because he knew that Lisa would do the right thing and find out. And I have a bridge for sale in Brookly by the way.

    Rob claims he knew, but decided to play his little ‘got ya’ game, and let this guy expose how many others in the meantime.

    So, either Rob let others be exposed while playing his game,. or he is lying. Which one do you pick Nick?

  14. The UAWA has only been announced as far as I know. I don’t think it has been actually formed in a legal sense. It is nothing more than an idea and a website now as far as I can see. Technically, it is only something we were told about that is going to exist. At this point in time it has no power. I think Rob may have the government behind him. If so, then it will mean something.

    Well, we don’t know who Alex Gonz worked with in the time that Rob found out. We don’t have a time frame of how things went down or even what went down. I see your point, but we don’t know how long Rob knew. Once we know that then accusations can be made. Who did Gonz work with aside from the gangbang or the orgy? How does one find that out if they are going to work with him?

    At this stage all we know is Lisa Ann said something, Alex Gonz became the guy with it, and Rob said he was somehow involved in the booking of this. (Did he even say that?) Setting up could be different than booking. Therefore, claiming anything at this stage is nothing more than conjecture and about as good as a wicker bed pan.

    Nothing wrong with bring up theories though…

    I noticed that he has said very little against Weinstein during his show. I would be willing to bet that he is working with him.

  15. Again, good points Cpan, but heres the problem. Do you really think Rob Black is capable of actually forming a legal union. Do you know how much costs in the real world. And Rob porclaimed yesterday that there will be no union dues, perhaps because it is not now, or will ever be a real legal union.

    Rob also spoke about the need for inpsectors on sets, which is part of measue b, and if you recall several months ago the industry was claiming that AHF was trying to set themselves up to get those government contracts. Of course Rob is working with AHF, but AHF is not stupid. Just like they used Shelley Lubben, when they are done with Rob they will cast him aside like yesterday’s garbage.
    Weinstein will not put up with Robs antics, especially calling people faggots. Weinstien has an agenda, of course, and to him the ends justify the means, even if that means using Shelley Lubben or Rob Black. Look for AHF to file more DIR complaints against the agents, with the help of Rob.

    And for the record Cpan, I very rarely deal in theories, and I never ask a question I dont already know the answer to. Neither does Weinstein.

  16. What if Rob will own the UAWA and the government backs it? I don’t think Rob is smart enough to run a union by himself, but I’m sure he is smart enough to hire lawyers to do that for him. Rob said today that he lost his fortune. He has to benefit by this somehow. There is obviously a selfish claim in this instance. However, if he can pull off what he says he will then it would be pretty fucking cool.

    Inspectors on sets are probably a good thing. If people are performing with Hep-C then what else are they doing? That’s somewhat common sense at this point. Weinstein is right there.

    Now, where does the money come from? That’s the magic question, right?

  17. I actually choose neither solution. Follow with me, jilted… Lisa Ann realizes Derek is letting an actor work knowing he has Hep C. She opens the case wide open and is expecting Derek to retaliate. Rob steps in and takes the heat for her, daring Derek to confront him at the same time. Kinda like throwing yourself in front of the bear to protect your child from harm, eh?

  18. Where does the money come from? Well one thing is for sure, if it comes from any government source there will be very tight strings attached. But I dont really see any government source handing money to Rob Black once they vette him fully.

    Unions are not owned, and their directors are ELECTED by the membership.

    But for Rob to achieve any of these goals he is going to have to work hand in hand with government regulators, OSHA, DIR,and Health Departments, and AHF.

    And arent there laws that prevent a convicted felon from being an officer in a union? That is why this is not going to be a real union. Rob want to say union, and act like a union, but unions need members to survive, and the transient nature of the industy just wont support that.

    You will notice that Rob has NEVER said this is going to be a true union. The fact that he said there would be no dues for the members is the first clue. It was funny yesterday when he talked about suing the brick and mortar adult shops that show porn movies in their peep shows, as if this was going to generate real income, except the UAWA has no standing to sue on behalf of any company. Rob can sue regarding his own material, but the UAWA cannot sue on behalf of any old company they choose.

    Rob claims to have played Derek like a banjo, except Rob doesnt know how to play this game at this level, with OSHA, AHF, County Health, Rob is stricty amatuer hour. And then Rob says that Labcorp doesnt test for hepatitis, well Rob, Labcorp does about 15 to 20 THOUSAND hep tests EVERY SINGLE DAY. When you have someone like this, with such a fundamental misunderstanding of how things work in the real world, not the porn world, then success is not likely.

    But bakd to the main question, and I know rob will read this, When did you first know of Alex’s hepatitis status. was it yesterday, two days ago, a week ago, ten days ago? A simple date will suffice.

    Cpan, what do you think the odds are that he will ever give a direct answer to that question? I predict he will hoot an holler, do his schtick, but never answer, because either he is bullshiting about giving the info to Lisa Ann, or he withheld information about a hep c positive performer in order to play his little game, and let others get exposed in the meantime.

    And when Weinstien heres Rob using the word faggot, he will come up with his own solution to fix Rob.

  19. And Rob talks about one cental testing place as part of the UAWA plan. Tecause hats another clue that this will never be a real union, No way any real union would be allowed to be part of that, or encourage their membership to give up basic civil rights in order to “work. That is the exact opposite of a union. And while Rob may have some people interested right now, when they fully vette this situation I predict they will say “No thanks

  20. I know what you mean about unions. Technically, this couldn’t be a union. You are correct. It would be more like an organization, but what if laws said you had to go through them? That could be his motivation. I’m not going to say I know the answer because that would be a logically fallacy that assumes I know everything. 😉 However, you are right that this isn’t a union.

  21. I don’t think Rob is going to run the UAWA. He may own it or whatever, but I am assuming he will hire all of the people using the money given to him to get what he wants.

    At this point I don’t doubt he’ll get what he wants.

    The only way I see this working is if the law states that they must go with what the UAWA says. I think that is his goal. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

  22. This is great! My wife is loving this too!
    Good article Mike south.
    Now how long before Derrick hays
    Is run out of the Industry and those morons porners stop
    Using his agency?

  23. Looks like I was right about Rob using Lisa Ann to enact his plan. Rob’s not an idiot. I haven’t fully caught up on what he’s said during his show, but I probably will by the end of the weekend.

    I still think he has the government behind him. The reason being is that COYOTE still exists, right? Every time I have read about a union for adult workers I instantly think “Well, that’s easy. Hire non-union. It will be cheaper. Who would join an organization that would put them out of work if the studios don’t hire those in the union?” There isn’t a law stating that producers can only work with those involved in the UAWA. A union really only works if there isn’t another option. I’ve watched unions lose their jobs or those asking for unions lose their jobs to the lowest bidder. I’ve also watched businesses close down totally. Otherwise, those in the union will probably have trouble finding work. I think Rob knows that you cannot count on others doing the right thing.

    I don’t think Rob will go out and try to have this without people being forced into it. He doesn’t seem like the type to rest his whole idea on “if” the talent would join his union. As it sits now it isn’t a union, but I’m sure once lawyers fine tune it then it could be. Even if it isn’t a union, if the government says that to work in adult you have to go through them or another approved organization then it can be whatever it wants to be. There is probably a lot that we aren’t being informed of.

    Right now they really can’t enforce much because they have to enforce laws between each producer, studio, or director. Rob could be giving them a way to cover it all and for those who do it on the outskirts it means fines or jail.

    Personally, I feel that if he can pull off what he says he can and have the money to do it then it would be quite a step towards the improvement of safety among workers. It looks like condoms will happen so fighting that is a moot point at this stage in the game. Things like healthcare and a watchdog would be awesome because if people had to be affiliated with the UAWA to shoot pornography then things like skeezy shoots in hotel rooms would vanish. Amateur pornography would almost be a crime even though it already is minus two states. That means more for the mainstream adult industry if it can be enforced. I just read a story about amateur pornographers that don’t adhere to 2257 taking money away from the industry. Syph and Hep are an embarrassment to the business and things like that will just hold it back. The government knows all of this too.

    I think it is going to be very interesting to see how everything turns out. Regardless of the outcome, we will probably be surprised.

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