Darrah Has Some Questions

Why hasn’t AIM done anything to finally bring down that forum? They have the lawyers. But nothing has been done. If it was mostly straight men being targeted, you would see something being done. But because it’s mostly women and gay men being targeted, no one cares. It’s their backs you make your living off and the people who run this industry has never once done anything to protect performers. Without them, where would any of you be?? I don’t see any of you scumbags out there doing what they do, putting their lives on the line, and giving up their anonymity.

Lives are being destroyed and none of you care. There was one woman who emailed them recently begging them to take down her page because she’s been RETIRED for years and doesn’t want anyone to know.

You’ve destroyed the industry yourselves and you have no one to blame but yourselves. But take the fall yourselves without dragging the performers down with you. Don’t blame society or the government. The people who run this industry have single-handedly DESTROYED this industry. While you marry your whore wives and your brat kids are in expensive private schools, most performers have nothing and many leave porn worse off than when they started. You’re the ones who give this industry the bad image it has. And you all belong in prison & burn in hell for telling 18-year-olds that they’re safer than the general public when it comes to STDs. FUCK ALL OF YOU!

Well Darrah, I expect you know the answer, as does everyone else here.  It was NEVER about protecting the performers, nobody gives a shit about that, they are throw aways.  It was about protecting Steve Hirsch, Paul Fishbein and porn’s power structure.  When you get a page for Paul Fishbein or Steve Hirsch like you have for Capri Anderson, that’s when they will take notice.


Speaking of taking notice, it’s been three days now and not a peep out of AVN or XBiz  but this story is about to go much bigger so I expect they will chime in in the next 24 hrs.

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Darrah Has Some Questions

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  1. I think the reason is,they are afraid to go public and they are hoping it will just go away. It seems like anything attached to adult is either broken on some level or thrown together to be just good enough. From what Ive heard the way it worked they was confirmed as a producer and they had access to everyone’s info. I can see that because that would make it easy and cheap to do. Also it seemed that info was never gone thru and people no longer active taken out of this database. There are people being outed that haven’t worked in sometime. Why was all their information just sitting there if they were no longer active? They should of had a fulltime person just maintaining the database or better yet nothing online and had it where you to actually call to confirm someone’s status.
    Also they aren’t just outing gay and females.I bet you dollars to donuts he doesn’t even know who is in that database he just put it all up and as people come to complain he emotionally tortures them.Crossover,straight,female.Crossover was the excuse but that site just wants to screw with the whole industry.If it was only crossover the data online would be alot smaller and the site wouldn’t be filled with malicious comments. From what I’m reading on other boards, he was a producer so he had access to the aim database. Peoples lives are going to be ruined and no one cares because its talent so what. What they forget is without talent there would be no adult. This will become a cautionary tale for someone wanting to go into the business.

  2. When will something be done to stop that forum? When there’s a body? When a stalker rapes and murders a porn star? When a new 18-year-old is horrified her parents have now been told and ends up hurting herself because of that forum?

    Not related to the forum but Teagan Presley had to recently go to court to testify against her stalker. If Joshua wasn’t with her that night in their hotel room, Teagan would have answered her door by herself. What do you think could have happened if Joshua wasn’t there when her stalker had shown up?? Recently I read one new porn star on Twitter saying she had to call the police because there was a man outside her home looking through her kitchen window.

    Real names & addresses are being released and no one in this industry is helping. Where are all the industry lawyers and why aren’t they helping? On every forum I go to, there’s always a few lawyers and more so the fake lawyers as members there. Why isn’t anyone with any bit of power helping the women in this industry keep their personal information secure? It’s the women who are treated far worse than the men are in society. That’s why so many women leave porn hating it because they’re treated so badly when here. Then you complain when they start telling people about their bad experiences while in the industry.

    Didn’t AIM just go private? So doesn’t that mean Sharon will now make an obscene amount of money?? Why the hell didn’t she hire someone to keep that database secure and why didn’t she send AIM’s lawyers after that forum? Every major company emails and calls all their customers when the company’s privacy has been breached. We never heard anything about what’s happened at AIM. And because they did nothing, it got worse for them because here they are once again covering up their mistakes instead of quickly coming forward and trying to fix it.

    The FBI is now after the Hollywood hackers who got all these naked pictures of celebrities. Did you hear that. THE FBI !! And you’re telling me a MEDICAL CLINIC can’t get the FBI in on the case as to who might have possibly gotten into their database??

    Someone on that forum is now saying that of course they got their information from AIM’s database. It doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth. But it’s out there while AIM hasn’t done anything.

    If any harm comes to any porn star, or to me, because of that forum, every person who could have stopped it has blood on their hands.

  3. technically Darrah…nothing CAN be done. The site is hosted in the Netherlands…no amount of legal threats can get the Netherland authorities to pull it, they have the most liberal free speech laws in the world.

    The owner of the site is a US citizen and someone who actually flunked out of porn, but he is currently residing in SE Asia, not likely he is going to be attending a civil suit here in the states.

    With freedom comes responsibility…metaphorically speaking, I think you should be allowed to yell fire in a crowded theater…I also think you should be allowed to take the ass kicking you should get as a result.

  4. I don’t disagree that one of AIM’s purposes was to protect adult studios. However, I think it’s too cynical to say that AIM was “never about protecting the performers.” In reality, AIM served a dual role. Protecting the producers is not mutually exclusive from protecting the performers. The fate of one group will always be linked to the other. I have no doubt the implementation of regular testing at AIM has reduced the incidence STDs among talent. I believe it also kept performers more grounded in the reality of the risks of their jobs and increased over-all awareness of sexually transmitted diseases.

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