Dale’s Question About August gets an Answer:

Hi Mike,

August just “hosted” a weekly party here in LA: Hi Mike,

August just “hosted” a weekly party here in LA: http://www.thefloatingworld.com/xplicitwesthollywood-April-6-2004.html.

And I know that she’s been showing up at other parties here and there.

I don’t know if she’s been shooting lately; I do know that going to parties can take up a lot of time.



And I know that she’s been showing up at other parties here and there.

I don’t know if she’s been shooting lately; I do know that going to parties can take up a lot of time.


Dcypher Writes Over on his site about how wonderful AIM is:

But all he does is spout the AIM party line. statements like these:

“Here is the thing, AIM provides a CHEAP, judgment free environment for sluts and sex workers alike to make sure they are staying healthy. That is the bottom line. An outside clinic would charge you;

A consultation fee varying between $50 and $200.

$90 for a chylamedia urine analysis.

$90 for a gonorrea urine analysis.

$250 for a PCR-DNA test.”


“Those that point to the incident with the last lab that was shut down should know that the clinic in question was purported to be using a quantitative PCR-RNA, which is not much different from an Elisa antibody test, medically speaking. An antibody test only tests for the presence of HIV antibodies which do not develop, generally, for up to six months. “

are just one more event of someone who takes what AIM says as the unmitigated truth…hell he probably even believes that Mitchell “eradicated HIV”. Those who know better, those who think for themselves and ask questions and do a little homework know better. The whole PCR/DNA ting is just a money making scheme, that has been pointed out by me, a virologist at the CDC, and countless others who are way more qualified than anyone at AIM. Sharon may be a doctor and I like her just fine but a doctorate in human sexuality hardly qualifies you to argue with a virologist who specializes in HIV.

Here in Atlanta a full STD battery including HIV can be had for less than a hundred dollars. I know…I get them.


Wankus Opens His Piehole: (On www.thebluepages.com)

Wankus writes:
Slow news day?

C’mon guys. Not only did South have all his information wrong, but the story’s a non-story.

I’m surprise you’d even consider printing the shit.

If you need good dirt and gossip let me know but a guy who blindly writes to fill space on his site on slow news days doesn’t deserve having a story picked up.

He said “LEX” was still on the page yet it’s not Lex, it’s Flexx who still works for us. We had all of our jocks on there except Tim and that was because our webmaster fucked up.

With all the incredible things KSEX is doing right now, reporting this trash brings ya down to South’s level.

Your thoughts?

thebluepages responds:

My thoughts? Personally, and with all due respect to you Wankus, it never even crossed my mind that you would even care or that you actually read this site. That being said, the truth as to why I considered printing the story in the first place was simply due to the fact that I found it very amusing. Moreover, I figured it was tongue in cheek, although I could be wrong. Hence the reason as to why it was posted in the “Trash Talk” category. It is what it is. Ditto for the Banan story. Mon frere, entertaining as it was, I don’t consider that stuff headline news.

And yes, before you decide to comment on this one too, I covered the DCypher/Banan melee as well. The whole libel/slander threat was simply too freakin’ rich to ignor. Not to mention the number of newswires that allegedly carried the story. You following me on this?

I appreciate you taking the time to clarify the fact that Mike may have mistaken Flexx for Lex but perhaps, if I may play the devil’s advocate, Mike may have simply been parodying the whole thing with a bit of word play centered around the anti-semite theme. It is all the rage in the news today and such being the case, I naturally took it as a bit of tongue-in-cheek commentary. I don’t know Mike well enough to state with any certainty, but it seemed as though he was just poking a little fun at ya over the gaffe of Tim not appearing on your splash page.

As for making a statement that this brings us down to his level, I take that as a compliment as it would appear that many in the biz respect what he has to say. Not to be misconstrued, let me make it clear that by saying as much, it is not an indictment on you or your professional persona.

I respect you as a writer – note the many stories I covered from Top Pro Talent in the early days of our site – and I find you to be rather entertaining as an on-air personality. Make no mistake, my posting of the story was no direct attack on you. Pity you should feel that way if indeed that is the case.

Furthermore, I always assumed that trash was trash. The gossip mills that churn out breaking news, regardless of its content, are all one and the same. As such, your attempt denigrate us for covering the story is rather moot.

At least I don’t hide my gossip and trash content as news items. Once again, it is what it is.


Well Wankus didn’t ask me but MY THOUGHTS are that he needs to do a reality check. Kinda hard to take someone who hired Gene Ross as having even a minute level of credibility. Yes it was a tongue in cheek story as was pointed out, so Wankus allow me to quote an old country and western song “From the gutter to you…ain’t up”

Dale Wants to Know:

I hope you can answer a question for me.

What has happened to one of my favorite Pornstars August? No one is talking about her leaving the Biz. Is she gone for good, or is this just a little break? August bailed out on her Yahoo groups, and is no longer a client of LADirectModels, so what’s the story? I have alot of her 2000 fans from those groups asking me questions, and I don’t know what to tell them, because I have been hearing some crazy rumours about her. One said that she had a positive test result, another told me that she had a positive test result of a different sort(Baby) and that she was just getting rid of the problem. Another was that she was too stung out to work anymore, and one source even told me that she is now seeing Scott, Taylor Rain’s ex.

I don’t really know what to tell the members of her Yahoo Groups, but the last thing I want to tell them is rumours, so if you can tell me what’s going on from someone in the know, that would be cool.


I haven’t heard of any positive HIV test results on her and I highly doubt that…as for pregnancy thats a much better possibility. Anyone with the 411 on August dial me up

Oh The Games People Play Now, Every Night and Every Day Now:

My Friend, Emmy Award Winning Director, Ron Whitney (“Just, Melvin”, “Telling Nicholas”) is doing very well with his new movie. He has asked me to put together and host a premiere party here in Atlana for it when it debuts on May 7th, 2004.

A-DELL!!!! …..HELP!!!!!

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Dale’s Question About August gets an Answer:

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