Cockroaches Hate The Light.

One of my readers (Thanks Colostomizer)  sends this dossier.

Mark Handel ( Khan Tusion, left) and Scott Adler
Mark Handel (Khan Tusion, bottom left) et al.
Mark W. Handel (b. circa 1954) is a/the younger brother of talk radio

host William Wolf Handel (better known simply as “Bill Handel” – ), husband of Sarah Jane

Lulloff, and head (RMO, CEO, and president) of Woodland Hills-based

real-estate development company MWH Development Corporation (22440

Clarendon St., Woodland Hills – ). Mark

W. Handel apparently is the same Mark Handel who executive produced The

Death and Life of Bobby Z ( ) and

Love Lies Bleeding ( ) for Woodland

Hills-based Samdel Pictures LLC (22440 Clarendon St., Woodland Hills), a

production company founded by (the latter) Handel and Keith Samples

(“Samdel” is a portmanteau of “Samples” and “Handel”). He is a

significant financial contributor to Democrat politicians. On Thursday

August 22, 1996, he and his partner in MWH Development Corporation,

Scott Z. Adler, apparently were charged with engaging in an act of

prostitution (see belowquoted Los Angeles Times article).
* * *
MWH Development Corporation:

“MWH Development Continues to Re-Invent Itself as Creative Homebuilding

Force” (Builder/Architect, July 2002)
Adler’s grandfather was a prominent Southern California developer who

built some of the homes in which Scott grew up. After graduating from

Hastings Law School and starting a successful law practice, in which he

represented some of the nation’s largest homebuilders, Adler gradually

phased out his practice and picked up where his grandfather left off.

Since then he has served as a president of the Los Angeles Building and

Safety Commission and as an advisor to former mayor Richard Riordan for

Los Angeles redevelopment.
Born in Brazil and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Handel attended

San Diego State University and UCLA before entering the homebuilding

industry. Mark started as a small tenant improvement contractor, during

which time he gained tremendous knowledge and skill from his hands-on

work. From there, he went to New York City where he supervised a large

construction/ management company. Once he formed his own homebuilding

company here in Southern California, it did not take long for the firm

to gain a reputation for providing high standards of design, quality and

craftsmanship in a number of product price ranges.
* * *
Los Angeles Times:

“Charges Filed Against Ex-Riordan Appointee” (Friday August 23, 1996)
Misdemeanor charges of engaging in an act of prostitution were filed

Thursday against Scott Z. Adler, the Riordan-appointed head of the Los

Angeles Business and Safety Commission, who resigned earlier this year.
Adler, a 40-year-old lawyer, lobbyist and land developer who lives in

Marina del Rey, and 42-year-old Mark Handel of Sherman Oaks, are accused

of paying to have oral sex with a masseuse at a Van Nuys apartment

building, according to sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

* * * * *

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Cockroaches Hate The Light.

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