Carmella bing is Pissed, Derek Hay a Pencil Dick?: (From Carmella Bing)

Luke is back – BULLSHIT!!!
If not then check this out, I was featuring at Rouge in Van Nuys CA May 4th 5th and 6th. Obviously a holiday weekend, Lakers game Cinco De Mayo, the fight… So here I spent over a grand for all my DVDs, magazines, and some shitty coppies of my 8x10s.

The 4th and 5th were dead, I was humiliated to see that no one was interested or had they even known of me, I sat there looking stupid for nothing. So on the 6th my roady bails on me, leaving me scrabling for help.

With tears in my eyes, Derek starts screaming at me that Im running late, well duh, Derek its your job to provide me with a roady. So the conversation gets a bit hostile to put it lightly.

I feel that if someone is having a hard time that it is wrong to make it any worse, do you agree? Well it escelates into derek threatening to sue me over his contract with Rouge.

I just say fuck it, Why am I even going so you can look good? No! Fuck that! Im outta here! Fuck you! So what if Rouge sues me, I signed a contract, Im sure Ill have to take care of that, but derek. Dont you have enough to worry about? Like the girls you bring in to the United States who dont pay taxes and work illegally?

Or that time you sent me to Hong Kong to do a private not knowing that it was a private? Isnt that called PIMPING and PANDERING? Well whatever it is this LUKE IS shit is rediculous. Derek says, he dumped me – not true, I left. And that I flaked out on my feature causing lost revenue – well if a tree fell in the middle of the woods and no one was there to hear it did it make a sound? Well im sure it did but no one really gives a fuck do they? So my point being exactly that… Derek go out to the woods and blow off all the steem you want, cause nobody really gives a fuck!

Thank you for your interest in my post, pass it on to a friend, the fbi, the irs, or anyone who needs a reason to kick this pincil dick in the face! Id really appriciate it.
C. Bing

Carmella isn’t the first to accuse Derek Hay aka Ben English of using illegals and getting them illegal papers, I have even heard far worse…but she is the first to go on record about it.

If anyone has anything else about Derek, good or bad, I’d like to hear it, I would also like to hear from Derek I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask him. You out there Ben? You want to answer? Email me.


18580cookie-checkCarmella bing is Pissed, Derek Hay a Pencil Dick?: (From Carmella Bing)

Carmella bing is Pissed, Derek Hay a Pencil Dick?: (From Carmella Bing)

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