California Assemblyman Isadore Hall calls Out The Mainstream Media

Thanks to Kate for catching this one…I myself was wondering where the whole goggles thing was coming from.

A spokesman for LA state senator Isadore Hall released the following statement regarding the bullshit goggle crap..
AB 640/332 mandates condom use for commercially filmed vaginal or anal penetrative acts (adult films) made in California.
The goggle argument is not accurate and is the same old factually incorrect argument folks in the adult film industry have been making for years.
It’s pretty irresponsible when porn producers continue to use disproven talking points to respond to one of the largest HIV outbreaks in the adult film industry in American history.
87340cookie-checkCalifornia Assemblyman Isadore Hall calls Out The Mainstream Media

California Assemblyman Isadore Hall calls Out The Mainstream Media

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  1. You’re welcome Mike!

    Goggles= more lies put out by the industry.
    I’m glad Isadore Hall responded to this bullshit.

  2. @Lacey: bc he’s doing this for political capital. It’s not as if he gives
    a shit. Show me one politician who’s actually concerned about the health of people they consider whores and I’ll show you a unicorn.

  3. Isadore Hall is my HERO!!!! FSC trolls better start worrying about a little thing called RICO!!! And WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU TROLLS ARE!!!! AND WE KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE!!!!! Condoms are the law! Get over it and tell producers to use them or face the consequences! Diane Duke has blood on her hands!!!!! RICO!!! RICO!!! RICO!!! RICO!!! (HA!!! you trolls thought you owned this comment board why??!!!) Now come on and attack me!!! The authorities ARE watching you guys bully people who speak the truth!!!! So lets have it, FSC criminals!!!!! Your days are numbered!!!!

  4. @Nick: i am so effing sick of your off-the-charts hysterical comments toward anyone who disagrees with you. Tone it the hell down, take a pill, get a grip. Other people are allowed to have different opinions from yours without being subject to your absurd accusations. Get your own blog if you can’t tolerate dissent from your own opinions . Glad your “hero” is an opportunistic minor politician. As for the fucking FSC, i am not now nor have ever been a member, nor a member of the CIA, AARP, FFA, NSA, DOJ, FBI, NRA, or any other organization or agency. I DO have an FCC license. Get over yourself.

  5. @Lacey: political capital- publicity and notoriety. Gold in terms of the political career of a minor politician. The industry giving him.shit means nothing. He has more power in his pinky finger than the entirety of the industry. There’s already been a post on here concerning Hall’s motivations. He found something to latch onto to make a name for himself. The mayor of my city has latched on to Obama’s coattails and is being groomed for national politics. He just barely pretends to give a shit about S.A. now. 99% of politicians are always looking for something to propel them into the spotlight and lead them to bigger and better things. Now more and more people know who Isadore Hall is, when prior to him (or his advisor) finding this crusade, no one outside of his district knew who the hell he was.

  6. @ Lacey Blake: I wasn’t online last night. Saw your post this morning and just sent you a quick note from my gmail account. When you get a chance, let me know what’s up. I’ll be around today, traveling for work tomorrow, back in my office on Friday.

  7. Lacey, Izzy is trying to run porn out of California with this insane condom law. I am convinced of it. I don’t think the proposal requires goggles, lab coats and whatever the fuck else people have been claiming but mark my words, this is a thinly veiled attempt by the moral “majority” through Izzy Hall and the AHF through its owner Michael Weinfuck to run porn out of CA. I bet if you tailed Izzy Hall (that cockbite mother fucking prick asshole) on a Sunday morning at 9am or so you would find he drives to the local Catholic Church or some other ultra right wing Christian church in his area. Weinfuck thinks he will save some money for his “charity” AHF (that he would then pocket) by eliminating the very few HIV cases that porners produce and may also be influenced by right wing ideals. I think they should both go get fucked up the ass by a tranny with a jumbo-sized dick and a rampant case of HIV, herpes and HPV. Barring that, let John Stagliano (who has HIV and has admittedly had sex with men in the distant past) take a shot of Caverject, get a rock-hard erection, then fuck them up the ass and cum deep after tying them down tight so they can’t dodge John’s dick. After that, turn Jack Hammer (who is strong as an ox) loose on them with a baseball bat and a can of salt to rub in their wounds (wearing rubber gloves while rubbing salt into Izzy’s and Weinfuck’s wounds to prevent him from getting the latter’s HIV) after he is done with that bat. I think Peter Acworth might loan us the appropriate props for this purpose and maybe donate the baseball bat and salt. Of course this should all be videotaped and shown at the next FSC board meeting to teach that bunch of pussies how you take care of your problems in the real world.

  8. I am not going to attack you, Nick. I believe your heart is in the right place. However everyone that disagrees with you on this issue is not an FSC troll. I think you can check my ADT account for longevity to verify that I was around long before Izzy Hall and Weinfuck came into the picture with their run porn out of CA crusade. You don’t have to open a commentator account at ADT to read posts, the site is

    BTW, I am also an accountant by training, I am familiar with RICO and don’t see where the FSC is in any danger of its use. RICO is intended for prosecuting mafia dons that run their illegal operations through other people and launder the profits through legal corporations set up solely or mainly to make the illegal profits look legit. The FSC doesn’t fit that mold and porn is legal in CA unless you rape people on camera like Max Hardcore did or film kids having sex so unless John Stagliano is secretly smuggling and selling Peruvian Nose Powder and filtering the profits through Evil Angel (which he is certainly not) RICO doesn’t apply.

  9. @sachertorte: Thank you for proving my point!!!! lol!!! Now please explain to me WHY condoms should not be mandatory, okay? And can you tell me how many performers caught syphilis ON SET? And do you think Hep C performers should be outed? Isadore Hall AND Michael Weinstein are HEROES!!!! They care!!!

  10. @mharris127: Weinstein, his name is Weinstein, okay? And last time I looked, the industry was knee-deep in prostitution and now they seem to be INTENTIONALLY producing HIV and Hep C prostitutes for a select and very rich clientele! Why else would the illegal organization known as FSC ALLOW Hep C performers to continue performing? Let the authorities investigate the trolls on here right back to the FSC and let them build their case!!!! Love it!!! Oh, and stop calling people names, mharris, okay? HIs name is Isadore, not Izzy!!! Do you really think you are sooooo cute to call people names? Are you a fifth grade student on the playground or something? Do you REALLY think it makes you look cool to call people names? RICO all the way, mharris!!!!

  11. @mharris

    And who was here before Hall and Weinguy from AHF banding together to create more revenue streams but refusing to accept the need to eliminate disease for the sets?

    Who is still fighting against a simple form to prove actors are over 18?
    Because that form cross references the name in the film credits to the legal ID of the performer to prove the age.

  12. Hall’s motivation is no secret he didnt just stumble onto this issue, technically he is doing what he is supposed to do…representing his constituents. When the condom law passed Halls district voted in favor of it by almost 80%…to a politician thats a mandate

  13. Don’t know about RICO but do know the same day FSC announced BAY positive they renamed APHSS…then poof…APHSS button (link) disappears and now PASS registration is a dead end???

    Looks like some CYA to me

  14. @mike

    Wow…80% was it a good turn out? Yes that is a mandate for a politician. Do you know what % of registered voters showed?

  15. It seems that some in the industry just stilll dont get it. Weinstien and Hall are ‘real’ politicians. They are pros, they have been playing the game a long time. The FSC couldnt hold a candle to these guys.

    The whole goggle, dental dams thing is just one small example of the complete incompetence of the adult industry when it comes to playing real politics. These silly arguments may fool the likes of James Deen and Kayden Kross, and Steve Hirsch. But the industry does nothing but preach to its own choir, they pat eachother on the back, and fool the performers into thinking they are fighting for them.

    The entire Measure B campaign was a “TEST” Weinstien started at the local level, to see how the industry would react, and react they did, like children. Weinstien was smart enough not to go to the State or Federal level right off the bat. The voters have never voted on anything regarding the adult industry, and this test gave Weinstien all the knowledge and ammynition he needed to keep up the fight.

    Several districts, ,mostly minority districs in Ls Angeles voted overwhelmingly for Measure B, some dirstricts voteing up to 84% in favor. Now Weinstien knows where to focus the next campaign.

    The adult industry raised barely over 1million dollars to fight Measure B, a law the industry said would kill them, yet this multibillion dollar industry could only raise 1million to fight Measure B. A paltry, pathetic sum in any REAL political debate. Weisntien could raise a million dollars in his sleep. How is the industry going to fight a statewide campaign?

    MIKE had the industry scooped on Measure B. Mike printed an article two weeks before anyone in the industry ever heard of Isadore Hall. Weinstien doesnt lose, he has a warchest bigger than the industry could ever dream of, he has lawyers that make the FSC look like a bunch of cheap ambulance chasers, and they have a majority of voters who will back them.

    Weinstein could care less about Meeasure B these days. He will keep the fight going for the sole purpose of draining the pitiful coffers of the FSC, then simply move on to another battle on another front. He has more up his sleeve than the industry can even imagine. Weinstien loves the battle, he could care less about winning the war.

    @Lurking,,,there is a site called someting like LAVoter,org that shows election results by individual districts, voter turnout etc.

  16. Well said Jilted!
    And to say that the FSC couldn’t hold a candle to Michael Weinstein and Isadore Hall is an understatement!

    Go Weinstein and Hall! You guys are AWESOME!

  17. I can’t believe I’m about to defend politicians, but sometimes (every 100 years or so) you have to give politicians a tiny bit of credit. They really can’t win sometimes…

    If Hall comes out in favor of a condom bill then he’s just doing it for attention & publicity.

    But, if Hall does nothing then he’s not doing his job of representing the voters in his district.

    What is he supposed to do?

    Another recent example:
    David Vitter – a republican senator from Louisiana recently introduced a bill which would require Obama to use Obamacare just like the rest of the country. Of course, Obama vetoed it, but that’s definitely not surprising…
    (the entire system is fucking named after him, but he refuses to use it? Nice.)

    My point is:
    Did Vitter do this for attention & publicity?
    Absolutely, 100% Yes.
    Did Vitter do this because the voters in his state were upset about the issue?
    Absolutely, 100% Yes.
    Did Vitter do this because he’s a republican and Obama’s a democrat?
    I would say maybe 80% Yes.

    As a resident of Louisiana, do I agree with his course of action and feel he is standing up for the citizens of the state?
    Absolutely, 100% Yes.

    And, that’s just how politics works sometimes. It’s never going to satisfy everyone, but the main goal is to try to represent the majority as often as possible.

    And let’s be honest here, the industry already has rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed. But, they ignore them now just like they’ve been doing for the last few years. So, why is Hall getting shit for trying to get regulations followed that are already on the books?

  18. Show me a porn producer or agent who actually cares about thehealth of performers and I will show you a unicorn, a jakelope, bigfoot, and show you where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

    And oh my goodness, a politician looking for political points to build a career, how dare he? The porn industry reacts like this is something new, agains showing that they just dont understand how to operate in the real world.

    Come on porn industry, you have Dianne Duke leading the charge. Did you learn nothing from the great Twitter, bus ride in Hollywood campaign against Measure b? Do you have any idea how hard Weinstine and Hall were laughing at your campaign? And you stil have Dianne Duke in charge, more proof of the industry incompetence.

  19. @LurkingReader –
    I may be wrong on this, but I think that exact same day is also when Hep. C testing became a requirement? (Even though they already knew about Gonz.)

  20. Another scoop for Look for a certain aids health organiztion to hold a big ‘event’ to call on Governor Jerry Brown to appoint a special legislative committee to put together a total legislative package regulating the adult industry, from testing, to condoms, to licensing of adult industry(sex) workers, (like Nevada, not exactly, but similar)

    Like I said, Weinstein has more up his sleeve than the industry can imagine. And there will be members on this committe who are not going to be fooled for one single second by the likes of Duke and Hirsh and thier bullshit.

  21. @jilted

    Very cool..journal law medicine published a study in 2004 not sure if it was published pre or post HIV know the research was all done of the possible solutions was licensing like BOXING MMA

  22. @Lurking,
    Just like boxing and MMA. Exactly Lurking, and the industry can thank none other than Nina Hartley for using the term, ‘sexual athletes’ at an OSHA hearing.

  23. I knew when I read the OPIM-STI discussion draft for 2011 …holy shit there’s some real history behind this one. Yep and the really cool thing is that in all likelihood it will require testing all known risks and then limits (barrier use or exclusion) with producers having to maintain limits records just like any other Industry working with deadly materials.

    Instead of a database where performers pay to look up everybody they can use…they use database to request a limits form from approved providers…no different than Scott’s, Honda and the soy bean farmers who all who share a huge medical complex….migrant farmers have to have basic USA immunization proof or off they go…we’ll tolerate you but not your disease potential lol

  24. Awesome! Thanks for the scoop jilted! Can’t wait!
    And ONLY a complete MORON would believe ANYTHING that comes out of the lying mouths of Duke and Hirsch!

    Go Weinstein!

  25. They still make regular orders for small pox vaccine for the farmers who come from areas that there is still a potential…so no proof off to INS and rather than lose their cheap labor for the season…the farmers started sending them all to the health clinic …whatever they can’t prove they had, give Em the shot so they can work. No one is picking on the AFI, the AFI is extracting the cogs from the performers.

  26. They still make regular orders for small pox vaccine for the farmers who come from areas that there is still a potential…so no proof off to INS and rather than lose their cheap labor for the season…the farmers started sending them all to the health clinic …whatever they can’t prove they had, give Em the shot so they can work. No one is picking on the AFI, the AFI is extracting the cogs from the performers.

  27. @mharris,
    LOL,, Isadore Hall and the moral majority? Ultra right wing christaian church? Youre kidding right? Izzy is a democrat, bleeding heart liberal through and through. And of course the AHF is in the pockets of the ‘ultra right wing”

    Mharris, this is nothing short of comical. And the funniest thing is this is exactly what the industry will base their opposition campaign on, this type of silliness. You guys make it way too easy.

    And all of your proposed solutions, fucking them up the ass with baseball bats, thats exactly what the industry has been doing to itself for years. Year Harris, this is how you take care of things in the real world. LOL, thanks for the best laugh of the day.

  28. Wait? “IZZY” is a democrat? You mean he’s not ultra right wing? You really should do some research before you attack someone, mharris. LOL

  29. I said “I bet” regarding Izzy. It is the most logical explanation for his assault on adult. Remember, JFK was a staunch Catholic and he was one of the most liberal presidents we have ever had. AHF may be gay friendly and claim to be liberal but the companies that contribute to their survival are mostly not. There is also the matter of Weinfuck thinking he can pocket more money if he doesn’t have to treat the HIV patients he seems to think would come his way under the status quo. It may be mostly the latter but you have to look for every reason he would try to run adult out of CA.

  30. Not all democrats are completely liberal, Kate. Izzy falls under that category. Either that or he is on the take from AHF and maybe other organizations wanting to ban porn. You can believe either guess. If Izzy were truly liberal he would not be trying to essentially ban porn in CA.

  31. Izzy is a common nickname for Isadore. I don’t see the insult in that. As for Weinstein, that guy has such a vendetta against a (currently) legal industry that isn’t causing him any problems that I think calling him Weinfuck is reasonable.

  32. @mharris

    Has it occurred to you that he isn’t against the industry…just the disease his foundation has a mission to prevent, educate and medicate?

    Sometimes it isn’t personal. Even if it does threaten the way things are done, doesn’t mean it CAN’T be done…only that the ones doing it aren’t willing to do it another way. So the conflict goes merrily on

  33. Keep talkin Harris, it just gets better and better. Weinstien will pocket money if he DOESNT have to treat patients. LOL . AHF is contracted with the county and state to provide services to people with HIV. They MAKE more money with more patients. You didnt know that did you Harris, well, obviously not. All of the gay performers who have HIV would be a virtual gold mine for AHF.

    Harris, you are truely clueless, not unlike alot of the indutsry, youre really nothing special when it comes to repeating rhetoric that has absolutely no basis in fact. But I dont want you to go away, I want you to keep spewing your ignorance. Thank you MHarris, youre more valuable than you know.
    And your ‘trying to run porn out of California,” thats about as intelligent as the hazmat, goggles argument.

    Harris, who are ‘the companies’ that contribute to AHF survival, those ultra right wing conservatives?

    LOL Harris, AHF MAKES money by treating patients. And then you accuse Weinstien of wanting to commit felonies and pocket the money. You sir, are about as accurate as a blind man at a shooting contest, but thank you for representing the “industry idiots” here on Mikes site.

  34. Omg….have you watched anyone you love die of AIDS?
    We’re you around before ART? We are so lucky to live in a world of modern medicine! The ability to vaccinate and treat these horrific diseases doesn’t mean it’s okay for people to be subjected to them as “all in a day at the office” for a paycheck!

    Either get the crap off the sets or put a cover on that shit.

  35. One last little thing Harris, just who do you think is providing the treatment for all the performers who have contracted HIV? Yep, thats right, the AHF, not the industry, not the workers comp insurance that porn companies dont carry, Micheal Weinstien provides it.

    Harris loves to call Weinstein names, but when anyone in the industry gets HIV they dont call Dianne Duke, or Larry Flynt, or Steve Hirsch, or MHarris, the call Michael Weisnstien, and he prvides for them.

    If you are a performer in the industry and you get HIV, the industry will give you a teddy bear, and smear your reputation. AHF will provide treatment for your entire life. Yep, thaat weintsein sure is an asshole.

  36. @mHarris
    There are EIA (ELISA) that are considered accurate at 28 days to tell your status at 28 says post exposure, per infectious disease doc the true protocol for post exposure testing which she has been doing…

    PCR at 7, 14, 21, 28, days post exposure with EIA at 7, 28, 90 and 180 for final clearance as the body can take up to six months to create antibodies and not everyone spikes a high acute viral load. He feels reasonably confident at 28 days with clean PCR and EIA that she will not develop HIV but can not rule it out until six months post exposure.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ yes we breath sighs of relief this week!

  37. All very close…August 15 new testing protocol announced aug 19 hep c pos announced…aug 23 HIV pos and APHSS renamed…just did a search for PASS on FSC got nada darn thing..had to do APHSS.

    Looks like they see a real potential for liability…so do I but I’m not a lawyers so do I know ๐Ÿ™‚ letting agents aka escort pimps buy into the database may be their undoing if they booked more escort gigs than performances it might be said that the database and occasional film gigs were used as a cover for prostitution.

  38. @mharris127
    Why is Izzy running out pornographers bad? Those that adhere to the condom laws will stay and profit while the others either just shut down or try (Emphasis on try) to make decent product underground, but will distributors carry the illegally made products? I cannot remember who brought up that point on here months back, but it was something I didn’t consider.

    It is not running it out of California. It is running out those that cannot afford to adhere to safety protocols. How is that negative? If you think otherwise then you may not be the best person inside.

  39. @CPanzram –
    That would be me while discussing the “they don’t even have enough agents to enforce the condom requirement aka the condom police” bullshit.

    My original point was who says they even need to go after performers or producers, etc.

    Hit them on the distribution side and no one would be willing to fork out money to make a movie that can’t even be legally distributed much less MARKETED.

    It kind of goes with the principle of: You are required to wear condoms. If you produce a movie following the regulations put in place, then you can market and distribute your product anywhere you choose.
    But, If you shoot scenes or movies without condoms and try to release or distribute them then you will have to prove they were shot in NH (where it’s currently legal) or you’re not going to even WANT to release or distribute it at the public level because not only will they stop distribution, but they’ll probably levy penalties & fines for more than it cost to make the movie to begin with.

    This really isn’t just for the porn industry either. This is a common method used to stop illegal activity while understanding that some will go underground and they will catch them there or they will possibly/hopefully discontinue the illegal activity due to the fact that they can’t PUBLICLY market their products.

    Who wants to actually make a movie that they can’t market and sell unless it’s some truly “underground” shit that there’s an actual market for?

  40. @Lacey
    I agree. Getting pornographers to adhere to this isn’t going to be that complicated and once a few assholes get jailed the others will move on to other things. Being in porn and fighting the laws doesn’t work. That’s obvious now.

    I feel as though the only apprehension to matters like these are from those who know they wouldn’t be able to survive. We’re talking about human lives in this situation so lets get rid of those people.

  41. @Lacey
    Great observation that going after the marketing angle would be effective if condoms are mandatory.

    Do you think the industry wouldn’t fight it all the way to SCOTUS saying the condoms apply to 1992 BBP laws and we demand first amendment?w/ hazmat talking point & that 1992 BBP was made for medical profession that they already use. Which would have them slapped back with okay we make a federal OPIM-STI law to recognize your 1st amend rights along with your responsibility to prove no one is harmed in the process.?

  42. I think it would be easiest if condoms were mandatory, and see how SCOTUS ruled that they apply to the 1992 BBP laws…just can’t see the Industy letting it go with how they continue up to fight 2257 requirement as intrusive and infringing…they are in still trying to get it reversed despite having the 1st amend arguments tossed in several venues. They just keep trying different justifications as to why the 1st might apply to a record keeping regulation.

  43. @lurkingreader –
    I think I’m fairly smart, but that shit just flew right over my head….
    Can you post it again without all of the abbreviations so I don’t have to look them all up?
    (And, yes, I know scotus is the supreme court. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  44. Dang Lacey I got grief for talking down to people including long versions in I skip them and you’re tired? Next Jilted (who has history down pat) is gonna have a headache.:)

  45. What isn’t known too well is that I know two former FSC employees who had to quit because former performers DO call them and Diane says she’ll call them back but NEVER DOES!!!! Think about it, eh? You realize you caught something (maybe Hep C from Gonz?) and call the industry coalition as a first response, right? Diane Duke just blows them off to the point that she’s had AT LEAST two people quit due to the cover-up she is STILL trying to keep hidden!!!! Diane Duke has BLOOD ON HER HANDS, PERIOD!!!!

  46. @mharris: Derek and FSC shared in profits from a fundraiser! What a brazen move on their parts, eh? And there are medical personnel ready to stand on a witness stand (including former employees from FSC) and RICO is definitely in their futures!!!! Please stop calling people names, okay? Weinstein and Hall are the ONLY people who give a eff about the conditions that adult film talent are being subjected to for profit’s sake! You’ve put words in my mouth I’ve never spoken, and I’ve forgiven you for that, but please stop calling modern day HEROES by names other than the ones they ask us to call them by, k?

  47. I didn’t feel like explaining every nuance of my position (this is not a university lecture hall) but since you don’t evidently understand how the system works let me clarify my comments. Yes, AHF contracts with the county to provide patients care but they also get donations that aren’t government paid and aren’t attached to the requirement to provide care. You don’t think AHF runs on the $12 million that LA County pays them to care for Medicaid patients (which are notoriously underfunded — research this yourself, costing AHF more than they receive in payment from the county/state, I don’t have exact numbers for CA but using rough Michigan payment rates of 80 per cent of cost you can probably estimate these patients cost $15 million at least, subtract $12 million in Medicaid payments and you have a net cost of at least $3 million to Weinfuck), do you? I don’t have access to their IRS reporting forms right now but they probably receive at least as much in donations that aren’t directly attached to the requirement to care for patients as they do from the county. This is the money Weinfuck currently uses to push his agenda on the industry (minus his contribution to Medicaid patient care). He is betting that if condoms are required and the industry leaves the state of California (remember, the AHF doesn’t have offices in most states so if porn moves he is off the hook for porn HIV care) that he will save more money from these unencumbered donations not being used to treat porn patients than he is spending currently to attempt to enact his plan. There may also be a moral component to his crusade.

    I apologize if my rant on how I feel the problem should be solved was offensive. It pisses me off that adult entertainment has been railroaded for years now and it never fucking stops! Just because people fuck for a living doesn’t mean they are any less of a human being, eliminating their livelihood, forcing women to endure severe condom burn and an increased risk of VD or forcing them to move to New Hampshire in order to work is not the answer.

    As for Lurking Reader’s comment regarding dying of AIDS, people enter porn knowing that is a risk. However, it is a very small risk — much less than a police officer or a logger takes going to work every day. It costs society too much to even attempt to eliminate all risk from a job. Are you saying we should ban logging and police protection in California? It sounds like it applying your logic to this situation. That is what Weinfuck and his crew are doing to porn. You can compare the risk of other VDs to the risk of having your leg cut off by a chain saw in logging or getting shot in the shoulder in police work. Actually the risk in porn here is less as well. Do me a favor and get a degree or two in business (it doesn’t matter what subspecialty, mine are in accounting), then you will understand my position. You can mitigate risk but eliminating it costs society too damn much. And BTW I was around to see the beginnings of HIV and AIDS, I hope a cure is found soon (and BTW AHF is fighting against a cure tooth and nail to keep the donations coming in, supposedly for treatment but actually to keep Weinfuck’s gravy train flowing). Don’t get me wrong, if he wasn’t using HIV to line his pockets, stayed out of politics and actually was in it to help HIV patients I would support him 100%. I would even write a check to help him.

    Let me add one more thing. Most porn performers are not on Medicaid. That means Weinfuck is treating them for free or for very low cost and not even getting 80% reimbursement for their treatment. That means if he can eliminate porn from CA and the four or so patients per decade that come from the biz he saves millions (HIV treatment costs about $100K a year per patient at the last time I checked). Let’s say he gets free meds through the pharmaceutical companies programs for low income patients (about $80K of this amount) for three of the five or so patients he has that were in porn at the time of infection. That comes to $60K for the three patients on programs and $200K annually for the two that don’t qualify. $260K X 10 years is $2.6 million that Weinfuck can pocket if porn is run out of CA.

  48. For once we agree on something, Kate. Diane Duke is a buffoon that is incapable of advocating for the adult industry. Steve Hirsch although he makes an ass of himself offering $1 million to every E list felon and celeb that makes the news is at least a bit smarter than Diane.

    However, I still think Isadore has a moral crusade going here (granted his Compton low intellect electorate is influencing this, as Mike said he is a politician) and Weinstein is a greedy money-grubbing asshole.

  49. LOL mharris… you lost me at “forcing women to endure severe condom burn”.. What bullshit! How come no one at wicked is complaining? I know Nick shot a lot of scenes with condoms.
    Nick? Did any of your co-stars suffer severe condom burn? LOL.

    mharris ..your comments are getting more and more hilarious.. please continue on… I will try to get through the rest of your rant now…

  50. There are 20 education law vs. 27 porn law firms for Los Angeles via Find Law. There may be a few more statewide but so far every state metro I’ve pulled has had more porn law than education.

    If it were just LA it wouldn’t be the big deal it is..Columbus Oh a state Capitol, 14 porn vs 11 education. Florida 11porn vs 6 education. A little perspective….
    So hundreds of districts with inside and outside counsel for policy, state and fed lobbying, and defending litigation for the largest county employers, in the most regulated industry in the US outside the Federal Gov has less legal power than the porn industry? Gotta make you wonder why.

  51. @Kate: I stopped reading at the exact same point!!! Condom burn!!! OMFG!!! Still laughing as I post this comment!!! Should I read the rest of his diatribe? Let me know, k?

  52. @mharris: You amaze me!!! Insulting the voters in Compton??? Who are you? Tell us your name so the voters of Compton can let you know just how smart they really are, k?

  53. WOWSA… You agree with me on Diane Duke? hmmm…
    And when does Steve Hirsch offer 1 million to every E list felon and celeb? That’s made up…. He’s not paying anyone a million…

    And mharris you are wrong… Isadore Hall, his intelligent electorate and Michael Weinstein are AWESOME!

  54. Nick? DON”T finish reading the rest of mharris bullshit rant.. I am telling you …turn away from the screen now… SAVE YOURSELF… oh my eyes ): . I am serious!

  55. @Kate: So since it is commonly known that Compton has a large African/American population, mharris would appear to be a racist, or am I missing something? Could there be any other interpretation to his comments about Isadore Hall’s voters? I can’t think of any, right? And notice How Sachertorte hasn’t answered my questions after being soooo fed up with me? You’d think they’d get smart and stfu, right? Anyway, you’re awesome, Kate!! So is Jilted, and so is Mike South, our benevolent benefactor!!!!

  56. You’re right Nick.. mharris could be a racist… who knows? mharris would you like to explain yourself?

    I don’t understand why Sachertorte hasn’t answered your questions Nick? We know how opinionated she is.. I mean jeepers ..She seems to be REALLY fed up with you! MEEEOWWW!
    Did you say the magic words… STFU? hmmm.
    ..You’re awesome, Nick!

  57. @mharris

    It’s interesting that you can actually get detailed info on what AHF so let’s talk gravy trains…

    FSC, the industry leaders and stakeholders.
    How many law firms are they holding up annually? Trust me they aren’t paying layers with a return on their investment.
    How much are these stakeholders pulling back on PASS?
    How much are these stakeholders pulling back on APAP?
    How much are the stakeholders pulling back on affiliate income?

    When you can get me some of these numbers out of the FSC set up like a super PAC the lets talk

  58. Yup! Ask the right questions to the right people and they just stfu. They are commonly called COWARDS. They hide behind fake names and change their ip addresses in order to cover their asses (cya) but do what they must in order to have the last word so that an agent can show their talent how the idea of following the law and using condoms is somehow stupid!!! And they allow Hep C+ Felon male performers to infect them in the name of getting a ‘badge of honor’. (Bill Margold, I’m looking at you there)

  59. @mharris127 –
    I’ve had some really fun discussions and debates with you. I also giggle every time you call yourself “kinky” because I think it’s cute for some strange reason (probably because not that many people would actually admit to liking kink which is somewhat of a shame.) But, I just wanted to say that I respect your opinion and agree with a few of your points and they did make me think which is a good thing!

    I’m not just directing this at you necessarily, but the constant excuse below for no condoms has to be one of the overall dumbest fucking arguments I’ve heard come out of this whole debate:
    “Forcing women to endure severe condom burn and an increased risk of VD or forcing them to move to New Hampshire in order to work is not the answer.”

    Ok, let’s think about it for like 2 minutes… We’ve got:
    Double penetration.
    Triple penetration.
    Double fisting.
    Putting metal hooks up someone’s asshole.
    Girls masturbating with dildos bigger than my foot.
    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen someone shoving their entire foot up someone’s vagina or ass at some point recently? Honestly, can’t even remember where and I don’t really want to….

    And, after reviewing the above list I’m honestly supposed to give 2 fucks about someone being allergic to a latex condom or complaining that condoms result in vaginal burning?

    Seriously? It doesn’t even make any fucking sense?
    “Hey dude, once you take your fist out of my pussy please don’t put a condom on your dick because it might burn and possibly cause some frictional tearing in my vaginal canal.”

    Oh right, because I’m sure fists, feet, hooks or shoving 2 or 3 huge penises in at one time does absolutely no damage, right?

    There are some really desperate arguments in this debate and this would have to be in the top 5.

    Pssst… girls are getting their assholes ripped open in gangbangs… Performers are continuing to work while actively bleeding and being infected with Hep. C…

    A condom should be the least of your worries.

  60. They’re not just cowards ..They’re desperate for attention bullying trolls… That’s why they hide behind the fake names…

    Bill Margold is a total nut! This guy is obsessed with Rob Black.. He’s the only person he talks about on twitter… Once in awhile he will say something about Mike… other then that.. it’s all about Rob… WOW… Bill’s a weirdo!

    Oh “badge of honor” what a joke!

  61. @lacey
    Tyvm for comic relief from my oh too serious research mode:)
    Was picturing gorgeous glass butt plug…in a million pieces

  62. Nick.. I’m referring to people who aren’t in the industry when I say… They’re also desperate for attention bullying trolls…

  63. Does p.a.w. still exist? Mangold still raking in cash saying its a non profit on his site

  64. @sachertorte: Here, sacher, sacher, sacher!!! Please answer my questions? please explain to me WHY condoms should not be mandatory, okay? And can you tell me how many performers caught syphilis ON SET? And do you think Hep C performers should be outed? Where’d ya go? You are soooo effing sick of me, right? Diane Duke has BLOOD ON HER HANDS!!!! Lets play, sacher!!! Answer my questions since I know you are reading them, eh? Or is there something wrong with you?

  65. @sasher: Syphilis transmission ON SET!!! On set transmission!!! Easily provable!!!! Performers walking around with doctors notes because they NOW have antibodies for Syphilis compliments of Mr. Marcus!!!! On set transmission!!! On set transmission!! FSC losers have been harping that ‘it didn’t happen on set’ so often that it gets funny, but the syphilis fiasco HAPPENED ON SETS AND ONLY ON SETS!!! Where’d ya go, sachertorte? How many performers caught syphilis because of Mr. Marcus? Did I mention that they were ON-SET TRANSMISSIONS? Come out, come out, wherever you are, sache!!!

  66. I agree that the triple penetration and feet shoved up asses up to the knee should cease. Fisting can be done safely by most people but those with large hands or without the proper knowledge to pull it off safely should not do this either. Those things don’t turn me on anyway, I am actually surprised that Peter Acworth makes any money off of Foot Worship. Fifty man gang bangs that actually only use 38 guys should also cease. However, legislating those things out of existence is a slippery slope that could lead to less risky practices such as most BDSM, girl-girl oral sex (or guy-guy for that matter) getting banned in the process. Regarding bleeding on the set, if there is blood coming from an orifice the scene needs to be stopped and preferably cancelled for the day.

    Regarding condoms in porn, I support talent choice to use or not. The issue of condom burn is a serious one as the mini lacerations incurred actually increase the likelihood of VD transmission if the condom breaks just as a cut or sore does. I would make the educated guess that the risk of a condom being used for more than 15 minutes in a vagina or anus is more risky than not using a condom if the people involved are on a 14 or 28 day testing cycle. The chances of a VD infecting many people (especially a hard to pass VD like HIV) in 14 days is very low.

    Also I like you, too Lacey. You seem to be very intelligent even if we disagree from time to time and your posts do make me think.

  67. I can be found with the information available in posts here at the institute site using a simple internet search. I use a form of my legal name as a screen name. I live in Michigan. Anyone from Compton with a brain, computer and internet service can find me.

  68. No, I don’t shut the fuck up. Do your research (or go there if you live within driving distance), Compton is a crime den. Any LAPD cop would tell you that I am sure. I don’t have anything against black people but I do against gang banging murderers (black, hispanic, white, whatever the race). Not all blacks are gang banging murderers. For the record I don’t take to KKK members very kindly either.

  69. I am not Sasher but I will say that Hep C should be on the required test and any talent with it showing positive on the test sheet damn well better be able to prove with a letter from Dr. Miao or another infectious disease specialist that he/she isn’t infectious dated within the past year. Same for Syphilis. However I don’t think Diane Duke has blood on her hands, she is just an incompetent nimrod.

    As for Mr. Marcus, I agreed to not tell him off anymore but can and will say that he should never be allowed to perform in the biz again. Ever.

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