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I will have been quoted in the Pittsburg newspaper (the Post-Gazette I think) on The Rob Zacari, (Rob Black) case. in short I told the reporter that yes I think Rob should be in jail, for any number of reasons including fraud, bouncing checks, assualt, sexual assualt, sexual battery and probably just plain being stupid, but last I checked theres no law against the last one. I also noted that I do not think he should be in jail for obscenity.

When told that Mary Beth Buchanon was personally offended by the material and that she takes this case very personal I pointed out that I am offended that Mary Beth is offended and last I checked neither of us has any right whatsoever to not be offended.

We shall see…I predict the court will overturn his dismissal and eventually he will stand trial, but it’s gonna be a long time.

Ren writes:


Over the years, there have been rumors and a few outright accusations about the way Max Hardcore treats women, with no effort on anyone’s part to document his actions or collect evidence. But let him mistreat a single sheet of plywood, and the porn detectives are on the job. Clearly, he’s not going to get away with it this time. His fatal mistake was using a Sharpie to write on the plywood. Instead, he should have put lipstick around the purported shotgun hole, stapled girly clothes to the plywood, and told everyone it was a new, inexperienced girl who had just entered porn and didn’t know enough not to work for him. That would have fooled everyone into thinking it was OK. A video of Max peeing on the plywood would have added versimilitude. A posting on XXXPornTalk from the plywood’s new agent attacking the plywood’s old agent for sending helpless, naive plywood to work with Max would have removed any lingering doubts that it was anything other than porn-business as usual.

Let’s put this in perspective. The raid wasn’t the theater of disaster that the FBI performed at Waco and Ruby Creek. The worst that happened was that an inept agent accidently discharged a firearm inside someone’s house. The only harm is the cost to Max of repairing his floor, which is probably much less than the cost of restoring his business to order after the FBI seized his computers and failed to return them. Having himself photographed with the plywood was a nice bit of self-promotion, but it won’t affect that outcome of any case the goverment may decide to bring against him.

And some more perspective: According to Max Hardcore, two of his employees were at the house during the raid and heard the gun go off. The workmen who repaired the floor saw the damage. The plywood is the least important evidence for the shotgun blast. If his employees heard the blast, it doesn’t matter if Max found another piece of plywood and doctored it to make it look like a shotgun blast. Witnesses heard it, witnesses saw the hole in the floor, so it happened. On the other hand, if his employees didn’t hear the shotgun being discharged, Max could shoot his floor himself with a shotgun and it wouldn’t matter. If no witnesses heard it happen during the FBI raid, then the FBI didn’t do it.

So the important evidence is what witnesses saw and heard, not the condition of a piece of plywood that Max may have tampered with.

Some people have seized on the details of Max’s story and his picture and tried to make a case that Max doctored the plywood. The accusation is that the details don’t add up, so the support for the accusation has to get the details right. It’s the details that count.

I know zip about shotguns. It’s been years since I fired one, I wasn’t shooting at plywood, and I didn’t hit anything anyway. So rather than display my nonexistent knowledge about what a shotgun hole should look like, I’ll take a different approach. When a bullet strikes and penetrates some sort of material, the appearance of the hole is determined by the material the bullet is made of, the material the bullet strikes, the speed of the bullet, and the angle at which it strikes, along with other factors. In order to match the conditions under which the shotgun was discharged during the raid, a test would have to meet the following conditions:

1) The shotgun shell would have to be reasonably close to the one fired by the FBI agent, in terms of charge and projectiles.
2) It would have to be held at the same angle as the FBI agent was holding his shotgun.
3) It would have to be the same distance from the surface as the FBI agent’s shotgun was from the floor.
4) Before hitting the plywood, it would have to strike the same type of flooring surface as Max uses in his house.
5) After penetrating the flooring surface, it would have to strike the same type of plywood as that used in Max’s subflooring.

The case of plywood assault and battery made against Max sets up a standard of nitpickery that the test you posted fails to meet. The fact that Bornyo used 1/2 inch plywood instead of 3/4 inch plywood probably doesn’t matter much, but the overall failure to match the details of the original shotgun discharge invalidates this attempt to impeach the least important evidence for an insignificant aspect of a government investigation that could, potentially, lead to driving the entire porn industry out of the US.

While we’re putting effort into investigating the spiritually profound enigma that is Max Hardcore, perhaps we can move on to the question: Why the hell does anyone ever look at a Max Hardcore video anyway?

Ren Galskap


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