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You know, it’s weird. There’s a picture of Janine on DP’s website, but no news release about her going over.

I watched her comeback feature, and I gotta say, I was impressed (okay, turned on) by how enthusiastic she was in her scenes. And, she was still hot. Except all those tatoos are a turnoff. It’s like when Tori Welles pierced her nose, her tongue, her clit, and turned one side of her body into wall paper.

To me, the big thing for Janine is her age — she’s at that point where there’s probably a curiosity factor about fans who want to see her do guys, and see if she really does anal and DP, the way she told PT she would during the interview in her comeback. But, she better do it fast because she ain’t getting any younger and there isn’t that much excitement around her. Bringing out a new Janine release every six to eight months isn’t going to keep her fans on the edge of their seats. I feel the same way about Tera, who I used to think was incredibly hot and now, I could care ……

One man’s humble opinion.

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Wankus writes:

I like Janine. I think Janine is still one sexy momma. But I have to agree. Neither party made a good decision here. Vivid can still make sense for an upper classman porn star like Janine, hell it was started and groomed on the image of Ginger Lynn. But DP? They are known for their young, hot and hardly shot girls. The MTV porn stars. As much as I have had my beef with Digital Playground, they are the masters of promotion…but their strength comes from making a starlet into a superstar, not a superstar of yesterday into a sueprstar of today. Who knows?! Maybe there’s a method to their madness but I think both parties should’ve kept doing what they were doing, where they were doing it.

WAIT A MINUTE! DP and Adam & Eve are making that pirate movie in the carribean. A good MILF wench may be just what they need to complete the casting of the movie! (wench reference in regards to pirate expression, not Janine)

The whole Janine thing is amusing, AVN hasn’t said a word about it, nor has Digital Playground. I even IMed Jewn with some good natured ribbing about it yesterday, he didn’t respond. It’s almost like Janine is a mixed race baby born into a “southern babdist” family….they can’t kill it but they don’t want anyone to know…LOL

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