Brian Comments On Gorillas Having Face To Face Sex

Damn I may have to give this guy his own cloumn!



Now we have irrefutable proof of Darwin’s theory of evolution of the species! Primates continue to evolve and have adapted here to fore known only in humans BORING SEX POSITIONS!

HEY GORILLAS: the next thing that happens is DIMINISHED SEX DRIVE and frequency, followed by no oral sex for the male ( but she’ll let you go down on her, after she’s showered… )

Pull out & shoot on her tits? OVER !

Cum in her mouth ? See note above!

And you can’t smoke pot anymore either!

AND! Her mother’s coming for a visit!

And she’s nominated you for a position on a board at church!

And hangin’ with your buds at the local watering hole? You guessed it.

Evolution ain’t all it’s cracked up to be pal… And don’t even THINK of asking her to wear that lingerie you like.

You want to evolve? Welcome to humanity ol’ buddy boy!

Better start pickin’ out the minivan, that’s all I gotta say…. SHEESH!

It’s over my friend, O-V-E-R.

Welcome to the neighborhood.
Brian in Powder Springs

High/Low on Goddess Commenting here is 15 Minutes LOL….We LOVE YOU GODDESS!

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Brian Comments On Gorillas Having Face To Face Sex

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  1. His ability to pick up after himself, Graybacks? POOF! Gone! He’ll be too busy scratching his balls, smelling his ear wax and being enthralled with his bowel movements!

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