Brendan Responds to Jewel:

“And if a girl tells her agent that she wants to do a scene on her 18th birthday then fuck it we’ll shoot it nothing wrong with that.”

They are negotitating through her agent, so this makes it not only morally alright but legal to boot!?! Give me a break!

Mike, are 99% of people in the gonzo side of European and North American porn brain-dead, irresponsible, unprincipled, clueless idiots? They can’t seem to see outside of the sorry little lives they’ve created for themselves that their own values, behaviour and business practices are things not often tolerated in general society and it is only a matter of time before they are called to account for it. Ignorance may be bliss but it often comes back to bite you on the ass and stupidity is no excuse, especially in a court of law.

Governments tends to move slowly and not everything they are PREPARING for is trumpeted to the masses. So, when they finally do act against these fuckups it might come as a surprise to them (even though they are being warned) but not to anyone who has half a functioning brain.

Yes, I have heard from several attorneys on this issue…not only is the agent breaking the law so is Jewel and PXP, and it’s going to bite them.

True Insanity: Jewel Writes on Adultdvdtalk:

“See now you get why we laugh at these other companies doing teen movies with 20 something year old girls it’s not real it’s misleading. We are trying to do the real teen sex and believe me it is hard to find them and we get knocked for it. All I have to say we are shooting on the 22nd of this month on a girls 18th birthday and we have been planning this for months because this particular girl wanted to do a porn scene on her birthday now who else goes and takes the time to find girls like this? No one that I’m aware of we look for these girls because most of them don’t last a week in porn because they are so young. But we are not going to look for anal girls and DP girls for the teen stuff it doesn’t matter to us for this particular line we just want to keep it real or we can be like everyone else and do fake teen shit. But PXP is about keeping the sex real all killer no filler!!! Not all teens are beauty queens they are going through that aquward stage in life I’ve been there you think I looked like this at 18 not a chance..


Now I like Jewel…a lot even but THIS is fucking CRAZY…the reason that other companies do not negotiate with girls under the age of 18 “for months” in order to shoot them on their 18th birthday is because its a FELONY Sexual Exploitation of a minor rap just to proposition them with it.

HELLO! Come on people this is fucking NUTS!

Wild Dancer Girl Writes:

Correct me if I’m wrong… If you negotiate a porn shoot with an 18 year old, you still have 2 years before she’s not really a teen anymore… Sounds a lot like outright exploitation and soliciting of a minor. Furthermore, it speaks volumes about the people who would approach a girl that young AND the people who want to consume a product that caters to pedophiles. I mean, really, the costumers of that stuff are really just dirty old men who fantasize about having sex with underage girls. Should that be protected by the first amendment? Is it protected by the First amendment? I don’t really think so.

Plus, you’re right, Mike; making statements admitting to soliciting underage girls is just plain crazy. It is a felony everywhere in this country. Mark my words, they are begging for the feds to be crawling up their assholes anytime! Hey, I don’t claim to be in the know and don’t consider myself to be any kinda porn king, but damn, a little common sense is expected out of people who already are considered by the government to be scum.

Jewel DeNyle Writes:

Hi Mike just to let you know we at PXP don’t negociate with any girls we deal only with their agents. The girls agent is the one who brings us the fresh young talent we pay them to bring us the new girls first and that is not a crime. All talent we shoot is of legal age. And if a girl tells her agent that she wants to do a scene on her 18th birthday then fuck it we’ll shoot it nothing wrong with that.

AND From Someone Highly Placed in the US Government :

“Assualt, Urination, Defecation, Vomit and Child Pornography, if you or your company produces product of this nature you are going to come under federal investigation. PERIOD.”

That sent a chill down my spine. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. I have some advice for you guys doing this stuff…Ask yourself if you are comfortable with a prosecutor showing this to a jury of 12 men and women. If your answer is no you better act accordingly. Y’all don’t have to explain it to me…I guarantee you I won’t be on the jury.


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Brendan Responds to Jewel:

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