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Dear Cap’n,
Why are you stopping at the ocean? Ask yourself if there are any classical composers anywhere… or novelists…or painters – the sad truth of the matter is that West Civ. has been dead since the late great WW1… though there were a number of artists born before that war that led us to bnelieve that there still was an ongoing civilization… what we do have, instead, is a lathe number of pop cults (of which porn is but a small part)… as most people don’t miss west civ, or are even aware that it’s dead, there doesn’t appear to be too much damage done – but it’s one reason why Eurp. is going muzzie… barbarians taking over slowly, as happened to Rome when the krauts starting arriving.

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  1. Now wait just a gol-darn minute…
    Is anyone on here seriously suggesting that no lasting or important art has been produced since World War I? Surely that’s not the case.

    Consider the possibility that the next Ernest Hemingway (or William Faulkner, or James Joyce, or Mark Twain) is somewhere writing novels right now, but no publisher will put out his books because he’s not commercial enough.

    There may even be a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart out there in the great American Heartland, composing symphonies on his Mac in his spare time, but because he’s not any good at requesting grants and his job at Wal-Mart doesn’t afford him much free time, no one will ever hear his music. And we’ll all be the poorer for it.

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