Blake from Brazzers Speaks

I understand that there are rumors circulating concerning the identity of “Patient Zero.”  If the rumors are true, the last time I shot this particular individual was on August 19.  That person had a valid negative test.

There has been a lot of false information circulating about this situation. I want to be clear that there is absolutely no truth to any of the statements about my filming this performer with a positive test.  I would never, ever shoot anyone with a positive test, even if they claimed it was a “false positive.”  I make no exceptions.

Please put an end to this vicious and harmful rumor.

Our lawyers are CC’ed in this e-mail and have verified the documentation.


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Blake from Brazzers Speaks

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13 Responses

  1. Action speak louder than word do in porn so be worth watching what action Brazzer take in this case. What action happen to people in this case for the truth well be found that way. As you can see lawyers come out so you now there more to this story than telling.

  2. Well, Richard, lawyers ALSO come out when people have been falsely accused by irresponsible parties, so having a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean what you are saying.

  3. Lawyer threat seem come out alot in porn when porn companys some porn starts feel treaten buy news story that does favor them. But there not alone doing this happens alot main stream actors who use lawyer threat get national enquirer pull story on them. Here what Brazzer should done cend this the guy no longer works for company we test lady female porn stars he work with they have no sighn hiv after testing them proves that we did use him after found he was Hiv positive. They did say that gave vage statment than threaten lawyers well handle this matter.

  4. Im not trying to be an ass, but Richard could you please use spell check? When I read your comments it makes me feel dumber, not sure if you are foreign or not. But proper English would be very appreciated. Thanks

    Ok, about this post. I know Blake personally and I know he would never let anyone that has tested positive shoot. And another thing is that all smart business people usually CC any statements that will be made to their attorneys. Especially when it comes to false accusations. Being the President of 2 multi million dollar companies, and also work as a Talent in the Film Industry I CC almost everything to all 3 of my attorneys. I’m sure that Brazzers will take the necessary actions needed to make the Industry safer on top of their already strict policies.

  5. My opion is as much I like take Blake word for what happen . Untill other factors made clearer like female porn star from Brazzer come forward say last time she work hiv infect porn star she did get hiv from work with him on Brazzer porn set can not take word for it. Blake very vage statement explain why rumor not true does do for me. Instead of explain why this not true rumor Black just goes on about why he not guilty what rumor claim happen. Michael bring forth other people that where there have come out speak to why Black is guilty what rumor claims he is. I want read some proof that rumor did take place from some people that where there like female porn actors from hiv male actor. He looks very guilty what cames he did do buy make statement why he not guilty what rumor claims happen.

  6. Pstar692002 where was Brazzer at the last cal osha meeting on mantor condom use o in state of California becuase the law??? I know they where now where to be found they did attend to meeting at all. Brazzer has attend any of the Cal Osha safty meeting on porn becuase there shooting porn down in San Diego California with out condom break California safty rules on make porn there. I am sure Brazzer well not do any thing said they would becuase they have done any thing like you said they would do in California I well be fair just like any other porn companys there. What base this on what happen in porn indusrty in California none porn companys small or large have done this take the necessary actions needed to make the Industry safer on there owen so Cal Osha other people had step in do for them. Infact some biggiest porn comapys right there now be investgate buy guees who Cal OSha for not following safty guid lines set forth meeting that they did attend do have clue what they where becuase they where not there.

  7. I don’t know all of Brazzers’ producers, but to the best of my knowledge and recollection I didn’t see any Brazzers representation at the last Cal/OSHA meeting (in June).

  8. I well be fair on subject Michael there was all most no one from any big porn companys attending last Cal/OSHA meeting fight for right shoot porn movies in California with out condom. Which why thing have gotten so bad there keep get worst there.

  9. Not true. Representatives of most of the major companies were there. Not every company president, no, but their top producers and/or heads of production and/or lawyers were there. I was in the room and I can assure you what I’m saying is true.

  10. I beleave you Michael but does help Brazzer none becuase even you said they where not there. We boh know that shoot alot there stuff in San Diego California with out condom. You know with out doubt how important that meet was rest porn they sent people attend it yet Brazzer sent no one. Rest my case on that fact alone.

  11. I too would have liked to see Brazzers there. Like I said, I don’t claim to be able to recognize all of their producers, but to the best of my knowledge they didn’t have a representative at that meeting. If I’m mistaken about that, I hope someone will please correct me.

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