Beware of Scott Lyons trying to book a scene with you *** Reader Email

Not sure if you head about this yet, but Scott Lyons tried to book me for a scene through Twitter. He said he was booking scenes he was shooting for the guys from Facial Abuse.

He said that they hired him to shoot the scenes because of some “dumb shit just dave did” – like they fired Just Dave over the Leigh Raven shit.

The whole thing he wrote sounded legit but then I read on your site about Leigh Raven getting caught in a lie so I wondered why the guys from facial abuse would fire a director they worked with for years over some lie some girl said when the bts clearly exonerated him?

It didn’t make sense. I told my roommate about it and she laughed. Turns out she got a similar message from Scott Lyons but she has an agent so when she told him that he kept pressuring her and she said she learned long time ago that any dude trying to go behind your agents back is trying to do some sort of shady shit so she blocked him. 

You know anything about this? Is Scott Lyons full of shit?

Thanks for writing in. we looked into the matter and it does seem like Scott Lyons is full of shit like you suspected. We spoke to the guys who own Facial Abuse and he got a good laugh out of your story. To be clear, no he didn’t fire Just Dave and no he didn’t hire Scott Lyons. Scott Lyons is not doing any work for Facial Abuse.

So if Scott Lyons tries to contact you but insists on speaking with you directly instead of your agent, saying he would rather discuss the details of the shoot directly with you, block his dumb ass. He’s trying to scam something. Who knows what. But he’s not telling you the truth.

Last thing we heard about Scott Lyons was that he had a drug problem and was trying to do some sort of content trade scam. I don’t know if this new thing is part of that or a new scam altogether.

Ignore this fucktard before he brings you in on his drama.


277541cookie-checkBeware of Scott Lyons trying to book a scene with you *** Reader Email

Beware of Scott Lyons trying to book a scene with you *** Reader Email

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4 Responses

  1. Is this the same Scott Lyons that had many roles in various JM Productions movies in the 2000’s? There has to be a reason Jim Powers (the main JM director from about 1993-2010, he works for several other companies nowadays, I don’t know if JM still produces anything but Jim is no longer directing there) won’t even cast him anymore, that guy puts up with a lot of shit. I think Scott dated well-known drug addict and B-list performer Taylor Rain for a while as well.

  2. Alex Chance with the GGG tits? She always seemed to have her shit together. I am surprised she would date Scott (I think she has been with Mo Reese for a few years now) but I guess if it floats her boat, he doesn’t beat her in anger and she doesn’t get fucked up on drugs herself she can go for it. If she has broken up with him that was probably a smart move, though. If my sister (who is much younger than I) brought him home to Sunday dinner she wouldn’t have him as a boyfriend very long, though. Thankfully, the chance of that is remote, neither she nor I work in adult film and we don’t live in California.

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