Many performers have emailed me, called or commented that they would like it if just once the industry came together and boycotted the AVN Awards, others have suggested that simply not going up to get the award when called make a strong statement.

The thing is everyone who suggested it….and many will win major awards…they also suggested that porners would never stick together over anything.

You all know each other, if you want to take a stand you certainly could, it wouldn’t hurt your bottom line one single dollar, only your vanity.  If everyone who said we should actually did….You would have quite the impact.

I stuck my neck out once for this industry , way out.  It was a lot more painful and a lot more of an effort than refusing to accept a plastic trophy, I dd it because I believed it was the right thing to do.

If you make noise, If you stand up and make your voice heard, stand your ground and do what is right you could easily get AVN to scrap this award, but it wont happen if you dont take a stand, just like if certain people hadnt taken a stand PWL would still be up.

What will y’all do?

BTW for the people who cant find the award in the AVN list…heres where they hid it.


Now for the record it is the tube sites like pornhub in there that I have a problem with.  thehun is a legit resource that does NOT and never has dealt in pirated material, had they simply disqualified anyone dealing in pirated material It would be a non issue but the inclusion of the very people most responsible for the decline of this industry is a slap in the face to every one of you and you know it…So the question becomes are you going to be the battered wife or are you going to take a stand?

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  1. Just today I was looking for the list and could not find the BEST FREE PORN SITE, now to see they hid it from the industry makes them look like even worse shit bags than they really are. Some of the sites listed are legit, but PornHub? Come on!!! Hey AVN, take your mouth off Fabian’s cock for a minute and maybe you’ll come to your senses and see just how insulting this really is to EVERYONE who has ever supported you in the past and continues to do so today. And lets face it, there are not many left who do, and now you’re flipping them the bird. Real classy.

  2. Just make Avn award cheaper buy off at e-bay. Becuase who gone want get Avn award now that give them out very people that run free content that stolen from other in porn indusrty. Rewarding people stealing porn content posting for free with good job pat on back for doing it. If your female porn star tire seeing your work end up on free porn tube site than time send message Avn awards show buy boycott them.

  3. PWL was taken down because it had the names of all of the producers, directors, Company owners, et al, who wanted to be able to bang the girls without using a condom by getting an AIM Test! Good thing it was taken down before anyone figured that part out!
    As far as AVN’s? lol! The talent nowadays isn’t even smart enough to realize that the companies are spitting in their faces concerning the use of condoms! And they’re not smart enough to realize that they don’t even need those companies anymore, what with the internet and a high def camera on your cell phone and all! (Do it ‘Christina Model’ style!!!)(Look it up!)! So how are they going to stand up for themselves here and risk losing work by not conforming to the status quo! Not to mention that now some of them are even stupid enough to donate their sexual services in a video with the intent of raising money to repeal measure b!!!!! I can’t stop laughing about that one!
    They don’t even realize that their ‘video image’ is their worth, and if they don’t own that, someone else will be making money off of their work for ETERNITY!
    Happy New Year!!!!!

  4. On second thought, the industry deserves whatever they allow to continue. I’m going to vote for Porn Hub and I urge everyone else to do so as well. They will probably win anyways. The best part is, despite the absolute destruction that site and others like it have done to the industry, everyone will applaud their success even though for many it is contributing to ruining their business. You can’t put a price on irony like that.

  5. 300 bucks will get you in and you already get to see who the winners are on the screen in the Auditorium. Real classy!

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