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Don’t you realize That AVN doesn’t give a rats ass about much anymore?? LOL
love you

Sadly, yes I do realize it.

Today is Felicia Fox’s Birthday!

Being like family to me I want to wish her the best! Felicia (aka Fifi) is without a doubt one of the hottest girls in porn, she puts girls many years her junior to shame, and she does it with class and style. Not to say that Fifi is old…hell 30 is just the begining…I know… I been there.

I Love You Fifi!

Two Week Testing Rules:

A lot of companies are jumping on a two week testing cycle. I’d like to remind everyone that a twoo week cycle really doesn’t improve anything, the window is at least 30 days. You should also note that even with a two week cycle, not one person who currently has HIV frm the recent outbreak would have been spared.

Indeed this could really fuck things up because the braintrust over at AIM doesn’t even know how to do the math for a 30 day cycle…imagine if they had to deal with a two week cycle…


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Autumn Writes:

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