Aurora Snow is full of poo!

No, we don’t mean her writing on The Daily Beast, constantly trashing the adult industry, or factual inaccuracies and blatant lies in her stories …. we mean she’s actually full of poo or at least she was, according to this story from a reader.

I always wondered why Aurora Snow had such a hard-on for the adult industry. She posts so many articles hating on porn, and often times they are full of flat-out lies, or things that can be easily proven wrong. When does a real journalist not bother to do the most basic of research?

I figured there just has to be a reason she’s so hateful and full of shit.

I mean keep in mind this is a woman who spent a decade in the industry, making like 800 movies, worked full time as an escort, did a bunch of drugs, stole from clients and now she wants to take the high road? Nobody made her spend 10 years doing these things. These are things she did on her own.

Then it hit me, could it be she is embarrassed by her past and doesn’t want her new friends to know the truth about her and all the things she did?

I mean like the time she had to wear diapers?

I guess that would be kind of embarrassing for anyone. May that’s why she’s so full of shit now huh?

I wonder why Aurora Snow doesn’t write a story for The Daily Beast about her hanging out on set with her diapers because she blew her ass out. 

There are so many things Aurora Snow has done in her past, she should stick to writing about those things instead of making up lies about the people in the industry now. People, she doesn’t even know.


And hey Aurora if you are reading this, we think you might want to consider this as the next subject you write about.  Don’t you?
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Aurora Snow is full of poo!

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4 Responses

  1. I don’t know about the drugs but I have a clip showing Aurora Snow so drunk on “Compton Kool-Aid” that she could barely talk and needed help off of set (I have been pretty drunk in my day but she proved to be more hard-core than I that day — I never tried to work more than two sheets to the wind, I wonder if she actually had a fifth of something a little stronger than Four Loco that day myself). She was fine for half of the scene but by the end her drink hit her hard and she was just this side of comatose. If I owned the copyright to it I would send it to you but Jeff/Mike Steward (same person) owns the copyright and you would need his permission to post it on this news site (the clip is a bit longer than the fair use exception allows — that portion is about four minutes IIRC). What a fucking mess she was, Jim Powers said in the BTS comp introducing this footage that she had become a horrible drunk and was not dependable on set (as the clip made crystal clear). I have Jeff/Mike’s e-mail somewhere that I can dig up if you want to pursue this.

    If she stole from her johns she deserves a special place in Adult Film Hell. Even a crack whore knows not to steal from her johns, stealing from them gets an escort a quick reputation that she can’t be trusted and johns should not do business with her. Assuming what has been said on this news site about them stealing from johns/janes is 100% fact (I personally believe it but sources can be wrong on rare occasion whether through malice or from no fault of the source, even the namesake of this site got tricked into publishing something that later came out to be false once — and that source fed him the information out of malice) maybe Aurora Snow and Davina Davis should snort meth together and commiserate about how they ruined their escorting careers stealing from their johns (or in Davina’s case a jane in a wheelchair — that deserves a special place in Hooking Hell in the worst part of North Hollywood in front of that strip club that Rob Black had his office over begging johns to hire her for a blow job in the back seat of her Buick at $35 a blow).

  2. I still can’t get over Aurora Snow needing Depends. How much big dick did she take up there to cause her to leak shit constantly. Also, does she still need Depends now that she has been out of the industry for years? We make jokes about it but I wouldn’t have thought anyone would actually have to wear them from taking so much donkey dick up the ass!

  3. I have read rumors. However, I discounted them considering the anal sphincter has to loosen to let out actual shit and some pieces of that are as big around as a baby arm. Of course with the gape movies common while Aurora was in adult film I guess I can understand it. I do wonder if Aurora has had anal sphincter surgery or if she still wears Depends to this day, though (and drinks herself into a stupor every night).

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