And So It Goes:

Just as Vaclav Havel said “It begins as an attempt to do your work well, and ends with being branded an enemy of society.”

Mark Kernes has already attempted to brand me “the enemy”

As is usually the case with Kernes when he gets backed into a corner he starts name calling. I am not going to diginify what he wrote with a direct quote. What he wrote is simply childish.

My sources are:

The Centers for Disease Control

The AIDS Foundation ( for one, go to about AIDS and AIDS101

A Virologist who works at the CDC and specializes in HIV ( He does not wish to be named here)

A Developer of Nucleic Acid based diagnostic tests. ( He also does not wish to be named here)

Roche Labs ( They manufacture the tests.)

I have quite a few others as well, even sites that I dont particularly agree with like virusmyth have useful technical background information.

I didn’t just make my information up, I copied it and cut and pasted it from these sources. As Mark pointed out I do not have a degree in virology or immunology. That does not mean that I am incapable of educating myself on these subjects, Mr Kernes would have you just take what he says as the gospel, I am telling you not to be a sheep, you can learn this as easily as I can and you can decide what is correct for you.

If Mr. Kernes had bothered to do any FACT checking he wouldn’t need to result to slurs and epithets to attempt to maintain his arguments.

I will repeat this because apparently Mr. Kernes has a problem with comprehending what he reads, I still maintain that YOUR health is YOUR responsibility and I repeat Do NOT take my word for it, educate yourself and govern yourself accordingly.

I have no agenda here, I have no involvement with AIM, I have no involvement with the LA Porn crowd other than to write this site. My motive is simply to address my concern that someone who is HIV positive can easily slip throught AIMs screening process. I am sure that after all of this dies down AIM will actually address this issue and come up with a new proceedure and credit themselves for it. Which is all fine by me. I want you to be safe and I don’t want you to be mislead by anyone. The ELISA is no more the end all test than the RT-PCR-DNA or whatever is. The simple fact is that according to the CDC and the AIDS Foundation it IS the most accurate and least risky of all the testing proceedures.

I am pleased that I have been the catalyst for what has been, up until now, intelligent dialogue on this matter.

I caution you all that in relative terms it is far more likely that you will contract other STDs in this business. HIV is currently the only one that kills you and thankfully for us it isn’t a very hardy virus. If I were diagnosed by AIM with anything I would get a second opinion from a specialist, as many of you have already experienced AIM does make mistakes.

I appreciate all of you who have emailed me your support, either quietly or “on the record”. As one of you pointed out some sheep know they are sheep.

A Porn Chick Writes:

Jason at Notorious is a huge scumbag, when I went in for my polaroids he tried to touch me but I wouldn’t let him. When I followed up with a phone call asking if I would be cast he told me that If I ant to get hooked up I have to hook him up. I asked him what this meant and he said a favor for a favor.

This is the kind of thing I want to call attention to. File it away if you have dealings with Jason and he does this let me know, also if you have clean dealings with him I wish to know that as well.

Random Thoughts:

When you write enough, it seems that sooner or later, if you are honest you will touch on a subject that is near and dear to the heart of even your most ardent admirers. AVN’s Mark Kernes seems to think that I am poking AVN. That isn’t the case at all. Should I wish to “poke” AVN I can do so in a much more effective manner. I write opinions here, usually mine, where necessary I back them up. I am not really anti anything. What I am is pro industry, I do my best to do what I feel is best for the industry. It is no secret that the porn industry lacks self control, look at titles like “Rough Sex” and current trends like “choking out”. One might ask why I beat my head against the wall railing about these issues that really don’t even concern me in more than an indirect way, the answer lies in the fact that I have a moral obligation to myself to raise questions and issues where they seem detrimental to the industry that I have made myself a part of. It disappoints me when we do not do the best that we can to protect ourselves and our industry. Reading the article by Mark Kernes today was a huge disappointment because Kernes is actually an intelligent fellow and when he pens something as poorly written as this was it saddens me, I know he is capable of better.

To this day I call Tim and Paul at AVN friends, while we may be seemingly on opposite sides of this issue, that doesn’t change my opinion on that. In actuality I don’t even see us on opposite sides, I simply see us as differing in our approach. Even if we sat down and penned a list of what we agree on and what we disagree on I bet the former list would be far longer than the latter. Ditto Kernes and I.

It’s even odd to me that I feel an obligation to this industry at all, most of my income, way more than 90% of it comes from sources outside the video porn biz. What I recognize is that I actually like the people in this business, mostly the girls. Maybe its some misguided, chivalrous notion that they deserve respect and decency, instead of just being used up and spit out.

Even this website would generate far more revenue if I spent as much time posting it to TGPs and Toplists as I do writing these updates.

When the day comes that I feel like an enemy I will shut this blog down for good. I don’t need it, I do it because at some level I enjoy it. When it stops being fun, I’m out.

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