An Email To me From Paul Fishbein

“Subject: This is For Publication

Could Mike South Embarrass Himself Any Further….from a man who I would guess hasn’t watched any of the stuff nominated. Are you calling me a scumbag? Jules, who fights piracy? Do you even know what you are talking about? Have you ever worked as hard as our group of reviewers did over the past seven weeks to come up with a nominations list from thousands of titles? What a low blow. Happy Thanksgiving by the way.”

and my response:
Jules doesnt fight piracy he supports it

Jule distributes Brazzers…whose principals own 8 of the largest tube sites on earth

I did a story on it a while back….Those tube sites had full scenes and full movies from every studio in porn…How is THAT fighting piracy?

Jules is just another fucking lowlife who sells out the few honest people in this biz on a daily basis  fuck him and fuck AVN for aiding and abetting him….

He writes back
“OK you can think what you want but this time you are actually clueless. You don’t live and work here…just take your shots from down south where you shoot girls taking bukkake baths. People fucking work their asses off day and night here and someone you just takes shots. Jules and Brazzers advertises all year long and we write stuff about them and today….so we are scumbags. Why act like my friend the other 364 days a year? I am a scumbag when I take Jules’ money so call me a scumbag the rest of the time…not just when the nominations come out.”

and I respond:
personally I like you Jules is the scumbag but I know the history there  you started taking ads from brazzers at least you arent sending them checks….

AVNs history with internet lowlifes is well known in the internet circles  do I have to remind you about Adult Friend Finder

Take your lumps on this one  you deserve it…..David Aaron Clark was in this biz before you or I either one and he was intelligent and even knew something about the craft  which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for most of your nominees…

What happened to you guys man?

43810cookie-checkAn Email To me From Paul Fishbein

An Email To me From Paul Fishbein

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10 Responses

  1. Two Questions for Mr. Fishbein:

    1> What are the eligibilty dates for Best New Starlet?
    2> What happened to the AVN Fall of Fame page?


  2. Using Paul Fishbein’s logic, it would be perfectly acceptable for Variety to run ads for Pirate Bay.

    You would think that the survival of an industry would mean more to AVN than a sole advertiser. If they were wise enough to think beyond the current fiscal quarter, they would realize that AVN would have A LOT MORE advertisers if there were no tube sites.

  3. That is SO true and that’s one this industry’s biggest problem very few people in it take the long view. Most would rather steal a dime from a kid than work for a dollar.

  4. First up I hope that Paul has someone else edit and check his work before it makes it into print, as his phrasing is terrible. I had to read his stuff twice to figure out what he was on about.

    Second, the nicest people can still have bad judgment. Calling you a scumbag (or whatever) when you make a bad choice doesn’t change anything else.

    Anyway, my opinion is this: AVN has managed to stay in front of the industry by getting in front of whatever happens to be working that day. What sucks right now is that “what works” also happens to be what is actively killing the porn industry: Piracy, overlong free video sites (tubes), and the use of porn as a come on for non-porn related products. They are selling dating, gaming, and other non-porn businesses with free porn. At some point, there is no more porn industry except as a producer of cheap content that is used to sell other products. Then the AVN and all that comes with it is meaningless.

    Short term, you are in front of the wave, leading the band. Longer term, you may be the next one over the cliff, piled on top of the lemmings.

  5. Centralized the industry? maybe once upon a time not anymore. If you havent noticed the industry is in self destruct mode. If AVN was a true Beacon they would be calling it out and that would earn my respect.But by either playing dumb or having no idea to what’s happening out there not sure which it is. Things are killing this industry and its not being called out its sad and have the voice to do it.

  6. Bob, industry publications (no matter the industry) generally are the ones that inform others, that lend credibility to people and companies. While you may not think they are important, consider the AVN awards, which are essentially the highest awards in the porn industry. Are they not giving credibility to the winners (and by extension, hurting the credibility of those not nominated or invited) by this awards process? Would having a certain company or performer on the front page of their magazine make them look more important, expose them to others in the industry, and perhaps make them look bigger than they are?

    It isn’t about blaming a magazine for the stupidity that some people (in any industry) might do, rather, they are called out for being buddy buddy with the people and companies that actually are working to turn porn into a throw away business, a traffic generator for sales of other websites and products. Do we wait until there is absolutely no retail business left for porn before we decide to say “hmm, maybe we shouldn’t have supported the people who were just using porn to promote other things?”

  7. Bob:

    You miss the point. It isn’t a question of “won twice, lost some times”, it is a question of even being nominated. Winning and losing isn’t really relevant. It is the recognition of “peers”. What is concerning is that AVN seems to think that people who (according to some) have done great harm to the industry are somehow “peers”. Mike’s credibility isn’t in winning or losing (or even how he plays the game), rather it is in even being considered as a peer.

    As for “nominated or invited”, invited doesn’t mean asked to the show – it means invited to submit a work for consideration. While it may shock people, not all movies are considered for Academy Awards. In many fields, only works that are submitted for consideration are looked at, and only individuals or companies that are invited to submit are considered. It isn’t about attending the (sometimes lame) awards show, rather being part of the consideration process.

  8. Bob, I consider Mike more than peer. In your case, so far I consider you a pee-er.

    AVN’s individual process (whatever it is) isn’t really the point, the point is that awards are a process rife with people angling to get to the top even if they don’t deserve it. As for your comment that “only works submitted are considered is 100% incorrect”, I think you need to clear up your reading skills, because you entirely missed the point. Worse yet, you CONFIRM my point by stating that some companies submit. That is the point.

    Now, further down the list: If a small company wants to get considered for an award, they almost need to get reviewed by AVN to get on the list. So unless they have major distribution, they would pretty much need to submit their video for review with the hope of getting nominated.

    In the end, it is easier for AVN to review the stuff in front of their face (porn valley), and deal with friends (such as Jules) and keep it in the family.

    Oh yeah, please do tell: Who are the “reviewers” and how many of them have worked or do actually currently work for the valley porn companies? Arms length?

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