AIM won’t say who is Spreading STDs:

Apparently theres a guy in porn who is refusing to take the AIM administered STD tests, AIM won’t name him but my sources say it’s Brian Pumper, if you are scheduled for a scene with Brian you might want to check his tests, it is also rumored that they are being faked, so I would also suggest a followup phonecall to AIM.

If AIM can’t release the name of this guy what’s the point of even having AIM?

Quasarman Apparently Going an About Face on Alexa:

It appears that like me, Quas is ready to give her another chance, he contacted me today fort Alexa’s contact info, but I am out of town, I will put them in touch as soon as I get back to Atlanta. I will give Alexa Quas’s number…Alexa, call me on my cell and I will put ya in touch beforehand if ya want.


8660cookie-checkAIM won’t say who is Spreading STDs:

AIM won’t say who is Spreading STDs:

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