AEE 2005 Predictions From Harry Weiss:

During the AEE the number of “pharmacists” in Las Vegas will double.

The phrase “I hate that fucking bitch” will be will be whispered over 300 times.

The phrase, “the blonde with the big tits” will be used to describe ½ the female talent at the show.

“Just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it,” will apply to most porn-a-bees and some talent.

Within a 12 hour period, Steve Seidman will hit a jackpot, only to lose it all betting on college football.

Jesse Jane will kiss Mike South, right after blowing Kid Rock.

Someone will explain to Tera Patrick that Jerry is the rich Seinfeld.

Quasarman will not be fired from Zero Tolerance, until they find out how much booze he charged to his room.

Wankus will attempt to convince Paul Fishbein that AVN should have an award for the best internet porn-jockey whose name starts with a “W.”

Mike South will not win the AVN Award he’s nominated for, and no one on the AVN staff will admit nominating him.

Exhibitors will be able to open a line of credit for food and beverages at the Sands Convention Center.

Felicia Fox will realize that Tim Case is Willie Nelson’s Mini-Me, and dump him for the real thing.

Unlike last year, Mike South will with hold his date’s airline ticket, so she can’t skip town on him.

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Brown Bunny:

For many critics, the worst film ever admitted into the competition of the Cannes film festival.

In particular, Roger Ebert called the film “the worst in the history of Cannes” to which Vincent Gallo responded that Ebert was a “fat pig with the physique of a slave trader”. Ebert paraphrased a remark of ‘Winston Churchill’s and responded that “although I am fat, one day I will be thin, but Mr. Gallo will still have been the director of ‘Brown Bunny'”. Gallo then put a “hex” on Ebert’s colon, to which Ebert responded that “even my colonoscopy was more entertaining than his film”.

Both Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst were already on the set, shooting scenes, when director/star Vincent Gallo fired them from the project. Gallo revealed this during a press conference in Cannes 2003.

Chloë Sevigny claimed in interviews that the fellatio scene was not simulated.

The oral sex scene was filmed using remote cameras with only Vincent Gallo and Chloë Sevigny in the room.

On 31 July 2004 a billboard for the film was put up on Sunset Blvd. It depicted the infamous fellatio scene, cut off and blurred. Due to limited (but vocal) community outcry, the billboard was taken down on August 5.

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AEE 2005 Predictions From Harry Weiss:

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