Adult Performers For Choice Not About Performers

I love Julie Meadows and as a result I tend not to comment on her doings.  People in porn have a different view on things though as this email illustrates.  The writer makes many good points and Julie wouldn’t be the first person that the FSC sucked in with their lies.   I’d like for Julie to think about what she is advocating for here because it isn’t performer choice.

XXXInsider Writes:

This new organization is one of the biggest jokes the industry has ever perpetrated on performers.  One only needs to read the very first words on their homepage to know that choice is the last thing this organization is about. “As an adult industry performer, by submitting my name here, I am signing up for APC4C. I am joining in opposition to mandatory condom regulation in the adult film industry.” “I also stand in support of the current system of performer STD testing and industry-appropriate regulation.  How very nice of them to make these decisions for you. If you have YOUR OWN opinion that is different from theirs it looks like you’re not welcome. You must agree with them first, then you get to join the group.
So where has this performer group been in regards to the Stagliano issue.  Do they support an HIV positive person doing any kind of scene work with performers?  Do they support not informing performers of someone’s HIV status?
How can an organization that supposedly represents performers on health care issues remain silent on this issue.   Its supposed to be about choice. Choices are made based on information, and when you don’t have all the pertinent information your choice is not an informed choice.
Lydia Lee, a founding member of this organization has a choice to make.  Will she support a performer who was not given information, or will she remain silent, and will this organization remain silent. Evidence is mounting that this is not the first, or only time this has happened.
Lydia, what do you mean by ‘industry appropriate regulation.’  The industry is not even following its own self imposed regulations.  Is is ‘industry appropriate’ to let the Staglianos make the decision FOR the performer that she doesn’t need to know that the person they’re working with is HIV positive? Is it industry appropriate for the Stalianos to decide that the risk level is low enough that they can decide for the performer what information they(performers) need to make an informed CHOICE?  Is it industry appropriate for agents to not notify their performers that they are booked to work with someone who is HIV positive?
Your silence on the issue speaks volumes. Your organizations silence on the issue speaks volumes.
 As far as being compared to animals, it is your own industry that treats you like animals. The fact that insects used in a mainstream movie have more protection than porn performers is just a fact. It is not that PERFORMERS are being compared to animals, it is the way your industry treats performers that is being compared to how animals are treated, and the animals are treated with more respect that porn performers.   And the Stagliano issue is just one more example. These people, and agents, don’t even notify performers that someone is HIV positive, how is that for respect for performers?
The front page of APC4C also says, “We stand together so we can send a message loud and clear.”   So what is your message to performers when you remain silent on an issues like this.  The message is, remain silent, or  you will not work in this industry again, and that message is LOUD AND CLEAR.
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Adult Performers For Choice Not About Performers

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7 Responses

  1. What is stopping performers who want to work only with condoms from starting their own companies? The government forcing people to wear condoms in porn movies., how is that a choice?

  2. Nothing is stopping them Jaime. What is stopping Stagliano from informing people he is working with he has HIV? How is it a choice if you have to agree to agree with the organization BEFORE joining.

    I guess the government shouldnt force your surgeon to wear gloves either, or force the guy who works in a chemical plant to wear a protective mask.

    Of course Jaime makes no comment about the APC4C, how can he, they say right on their front page, you dont get a choice, You must agree, or you dont get to join, COMMENT ON THAT JAIME(the industry can do no wrong) Gardner.

    jamin, maybe you can tell us all, What is stopping agents from notifying the talent that the person they are booked to work with has HIV? (insert cricket chirping here) Lets see you comment on that without trying to change the subject.

  3. “And lets not forget, HIV is a manageable disease”-Julie Meadows, A/k/a Lydia Lee speaking on behalf of her new FSC approved organization at two minutes and fifty five seconds into her video monologue on the performers voices page of her apc4c website! Here’s the link (is it okay to post this link, if not, sorry!)
    I just feel that talent deserves to know that the powers-that-be don’t see HIV as a big deal, and are even brazen in their position!

  4. I can see John” Fagoon” Stagliano and Christain Mann and Kevin Oneil all in the same prison cell together, Bobing and slobbing on each other for TEN years for this scandal. Poor Chris..he got cancer and might have it resurface again while in the JOINT.

  5. Julie, your message is loud and clear, You either toe the industry line or dont join this organization. How is it a choice when you put pre-conditions on joining? Do you know what the word choice means?

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