Adella Sent me This EXCLUSIVE Photo of Jesse Jane (IE nobody else has it)

Is this porns’ next superstar? Could be, she has the look, She has a good attitude, she has yet to get a big head. I have personal experience with Jesse (no not THAT personal) and I believe she actually likes sex, unlike the last DP superstar. Word is that Jesse did a great job manning the DP booth at Erotica LA. Devon wasn’t present at any time during the show and Jesse worked all day everyday with no breaks to keep the fans happy. Jesse is the only girl in porn that I would work with on anyones set other than my own and one of only a VERY few that I’d work with at all. Oddly enough guy in her first boy/girl scene couldn’t get wood….Go Figure…

Tera’s Tits:

Ok well now they are only hers because she paid for them, but they got a lot of play last week cuz she whipped em out on the KSEX Show she hosts. My opinion is worth what it’s costing ya but I think the new ones look ridiculous, they are too big for her body and they are too far apart, she looks like every other porn bimbo with big fake tits now, she once had great ones…what a shame.

In other Tera news her lines were reportedly long at Erotica LA and she was always shadowed by Evan, who delighted in counting her money for her. What she is going to do in porn in the future is anyones guess. My guess is not much.

Rick, who chastised me last week had this to say to my Response:

That’s why I love you man. You always surprise me. I never would’ve thought you’d printed my letter. Not only did you, but it’s unedited.
You’re kick ass Mike South! Keep up the free “intelligent” speech!

Thanks Brother! I never edit something someone sends me when I post it here except to delete a last name or something. Whether you or I like Tera and Evan the fact is that they are newsworthy so I ain’t gonna just ignore em…yet.

Maynard Jackson is Dead, Good:

This is a local issue but it deserves its proper disrespect here. Maynard Jackson was the Mayor of Atlanta for many years, he was a scumbag and a crook. To paraphrase Mark Twain, I will not attend his funeral, but I will send a letter stating that I approve of it.

Taking Aim at AIM.

AIM is under intense fire from people in the industry, it seems that some of what I have been writing here, has in fact, been noticed. I am not ignoring this issue as you will see in time. There is something pretty big on the horizon and I think I will play a big part in it.

I spent Most of Last Week in Mexico Beach:

Nothing was different EXCEPT this time Trixie Kelly joined me there. I like Trixie, she is pretty and sweet and a lot of fun to just hang out with, we even went to see “Finding Nemo” pretty cool…Thanks Trixie, Yer the best baby!

My Pal Devon Michaels is gonna do her first interracial scene tomorrow:

With Sean Michaels.

And Finally Tim Case Contacted Me Today:

He wants a necrophiliac on his KSEX show tomorrow night. I was wondering why he’d cal me for this, but I quickly suggested that he call Evan Seinfeld…Hey I have seen Tera fuck…..

8920cookie-checkAdella Sent me This EXCLUSIVE Photo of Jesse Jane (IE nobody else has it)

Adella Sent me This EXCLUSIVE Photo of Jesse Jane (IE nobody else has it)

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