A reader writes in about Danny Mountain and AJ Applegate

We got an email yesterday. Not going to comment. Just share with you what was sent in.

So is nobody gonna mention the AJ Applegate thing? I mean her fiance Bill Bailey, JUST DIED a few months ago and now she’s already pregnant by Danny Mountain! And wasn’t Danny Mountain Bill’s friend? Damn son. WTF?

487260cookie-checkA reader writes in about Danny Mountain and AJ Applegate

A reader writes in about Danny Mountain and AJ Applegate

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  1. These porn chicks better hope HSI doesn’t look at them for Visa fraud. Wasn’t he married to fake but Mia Malkova?

  2. I guess congrats on AJ’s bun in the oven. I hope Danny is equipped to financially support her once she starts showing and becomes unable to perform until she actually pops the bun out her pussy. I agree, that was quick but more and more people in the same situation are moving on to another significant other very quickly nowadays. I just hope it doesn’t bite her in the ass.

    As for Danny having immigration problems, if he was legally married to Mia for at least two years (730-731 days) there isn’t a thing USCIS can do about it. I was also unaware that Mia had a fake butt. I wonder if that was how Dana De(Skank)Armond got the idea to fleece her fans for ass implants that she likely had no intention of getting. If true, that also shows that Mia barely has two brain cells to rub together, sitting on hard plastic slabs has to be the most uncomfortable thing you can do back there — even worse than having Mandingo shove his 16 incher up there full force without any lube while Evil Angel’s John Stagliano masturbates to the sight (Stags is an ass man and loves to see chicks get monster dick up their asses)!

  3. I think AJ Applegate has gotten away with a lot due to her innocent looks.

    I’ll put the rat on the table. I think AJ had something to do with Bill Bailey dying that night. I don’t know if it was verbal or an actual push, but she had something to do with his death that people haven’t been talking about.

    I remember right when this happened there were reports that people heard fighting between Bailey and AJ before his fall. Cops just kind of closed the case and called it an accidental death.

    Finally, Danny Mountain is a woman abuser and it disgusts me that anyone in porn or even in real life would ever give this guy a shot. But hey when you have his looks and stupid accent, girls will fawn over him.

  4. @mdxxx I’m glad someone besides me brought it up. What I heard was she was out with him and he was drinking all day. They got into a big fight, she went off with her friends and they made him go back to the hotel. He was fucked up, and ran into a couple girls that he knew from the industry and was shooting the shit with them. Supposedly he was all kinds of fucked up over whatever fight he and AJ had earlier that day when she left him to hang out with her friends.

  5. She’s 16 weeks pregnant, that’s 4 months. Her fiance died 6 months ago.

  6. Asher, if she is really 16 weeks pregnant I wonder if she got knocked up on set. Girls find new suitcase pimps quickly nowadays but less than two months after AJ’s fiance died is very quick. If that baby comes out looking like Evan Stone or Xander Corvus we will know.

  7. Does anyone know the reason for the fight? Why was he drinking so much?

  8. Just read her twitte,r she all pissed off because people did the math and figured out she got knocked up just a couple weeks after her fiance died. LIke did she really think nobody was going to point that shit out? really?

  9. If they really “conceived” the week of Bill’s funeral (IIRC a week to a week and a half after he died), the question is if this is actually Bill’s baby. The estimation process has about a two to three week margin of accuracy at this stage in the pregnancy. Also, more than likely AJ had unprotected scenes during this time as well (and her fucking birth control obviously wasn’t very fucking effective, Mark Spiegler should have a frank discussion with AJ about this if she intends to perform in adult film ever again). I hope Danny has the baby tested for parentage after he/she is born (I am sure Maury would do it for free if they are willing to appear on his show), there is a good chance the kid isn’t his!

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