A Reader Writes:

Given that Diane Duke is basically useless, except to jump up and proclaim that “I’m in control here” during periodic porn industry crises, (like the worst student government weenie you’ve ever met) why doesn’t the FSC do something very smart that will save them money.

Fire her and appoint Michael Whiteacre in her place.

I know that Whiteacre is your frienemy but here is how it helps FSC

1) Whiteacre knows more about the law then Diane.
2) Whiteacre is much more articulate then Diane.
3) Whitearce busted his ass on the PWL issue, so he will bring credibility into the organization as someone interested in porn performers’ well being.
4) Whitearce knows more about film making then Diane.
5) They could probably pay him less then Diane.

in conclusion dump Diane, replace with Whitearcre.


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A Reader Writes:

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2 Responses

  1. I agree she do well at battle with Michael Whiteacre or Shelly Lubben this year for porn. I can not think of any thing she did well for porn cause this year. On Cal Osha meetings on mandatory issue of condoms she lost battle with Shelley Lubben and Michael Whiteacre. On battle stop porn conent being stolen shown for free well she did win that battle. Getting way to easy win porn award this days all got preclaim done some help porn out than set back do nothing in porn industry give porn award for it. How come point where porn lowerd standards where give out awards to people who did nothing earn what being award for.

  2. Michael Whiteacre is a short tempered, egotistical jerk! He constantly disrespects women! He gang stalks people he dislikes on Twitter along with other losers in life! He would be the worst possible representative for an organization that purports to represent “Free Speech”!!!

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