Scoundrel Kelly Klass aka Kelly NO Klass performs scenes while 8 months pregnant

Meet known, liar, con artist, porn smut cum dumpster, and popular epic prostitute Kelly Klass who fabricates stories about directors and the talent pool.

Claiming she was badly burned on a shoot produced by Johnny Thrust a few months ago. Who complains at this time when so much time has passed, right? seriously why wait so long ? your baby’s daddy and drunkard boyfriend convinced you to a lame payday attempt? Kelly Klass claims she “had to cancel a lot of work “.  What kind of “work” Kelly? You clearly have advertisements all over Craigslist, back page, Humanplex, and eros,  just to name a few prostitution ad platforms. Kelly you see is also a well-known prostitute. Did she cancel this type of off-duty off-camera work? The very type of work fitting for a working girl with parking meter ATM machine strapped to the top of her head and Legs wide open for business while Eight months pregnant, eh Ms. Kelly, Nope she didn’t cancel that kind of other sex work. Neverrrrr. Not her

Kelly Klass pregnant
Kelly Klass No Klass Pregnant and not camera shy

Damaged porn ragtag never was  lying scammer, had many burns, scars, lice, ear mites, bites soars and herpes outbreaks all over her anatomy, She committed many burns alright,  burnt bridges, left behind chard remains from Florida to Texas and now California.  Always ready for business never mind the razor burns open sores, rashes and herpes sores.

Listen to this classic tribute .

Drum Roll please ” then click”

She does sports some scars other than the emotional ones, Bed bug bites all over her legs that will need skin grafts., she has been bit so many times, She approached porn production companies with unscrupulous unfounded allegations seeking compensations, claiming abuse, from porn scenes months or years after the fact, Some Directors are smart businessmen they will decide to lawyer up as they should.   See Kelly Klass getting hammered while 8 months pregnant

As she earned a solid reputation as a low-end prostitute looking for an easy payday, She has moved downward in the world now, extorting and bullying her way down the rabbit hole now, aligned within a pantheon porn flunkies. Cranking out hardcore porn scenes while pregnant 8 months even worse unspeakable acts, eight months plus prego, Time is limited with a bulging belly, Only so long you can go on filing with sagging tits and an other than a beer belly. Well until the next prego situation comes up.

Watch out if you cross her the wrong way and you will end up on adultFYI after she calls Gene Ross and Rob Black and fabricate stories, while her bitch boy Gregg Dodson dox you to the MAX.


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54800cookie-checkScoundrel Kelly Klass aka Kelly NO Klass performs scenes while 8 months pregnant

Scoundrel Kelly Klass aka Kelly NO Klass performs scenes while 8 months pregnant

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6 Responses

  1. She may not win any money but more this event take place there well be more people look in business ethics. Last thing Brazzers want any government agencies or out side people looking in there business ethics might be some questions they do not want them ask. Look how hard fighting stop rumor which they claim never happen. They got all there suports out on bog sites say no way rumor can be true but what there not doing explain why that so with any other people that where there but black. Old southern saying when some piss down back tell raining how smart do have be not beleave them???

  2. Just wondering….exactly how was Kelly Klass injured/burned on the shoot?

    Was it from some lighting equipment?..a heating unit or fireplace?..a car/motorcycle exhaust?
    Were they possibly utilizing some sort of fire/flame related effect?
    (..I’ll mention it..because it’s a possibility…was a meth pipe possibly in use?)

  3. Brazzer shoots lots porn California in San Diego. They do not advertise that fact keep close company secret. So what ever happens Los Angeles in porn industry there might happen to them becuase there shoot porn there. Before all ask how know this go twitter look porn star work for Brazzer read how times on twitter those porn say well got go San Diego from La shoot porn for Brazzer. I bet city San Diego has no idea that porn being shot there becuase Brazzer keeps very low profile there. Brazzer kept low profile in California with all actions. One reason hide the fact shoot porn in Sand Deigo instead La.

  4. It was brought to my attention that my case was discussed on this site. Yes, I suffered a severe, third degree burn on my leg that is requiring treatment for minimal scarring. Brazzers nor Johnny Thrust have assisted during my ailment, so I am moving forward with my options.

    I was burnt on a tail pipe of a van, Johnny was positioning me for pretty girls and my leg rubbed against the tail pipe.

  5. Kelly, I hope your leg heals quickly and without further incident. I also hope that Brazzers and Johnny come to their senses and pay for your medical treatment. Since Johnny placed you in that position, he has the moral responsibility to take care of the results of his actions. I also hope you tell anyone that thinks about working for either Brazzers or Johnny to think twice before doing so. If they won’t take responsibility for this, what will they do if their male talent breaks a female’s pelvis (during rough vaginal sex) or perforates her large intestine (it has happened during anal sex, believe it or not) during sex?

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