A Reader Writes

Hello Mr. South……

Can you please tell me if the sexy blonde babe in the video

linked to down below is Kayden Kross.

The video is a web promotional spot for Castrol GTX motor oil.




I don’t think that it’s Kayden…but I’m not 100% sure.

This model could certainly pass for being Kayden’s (twin) sister.

…but what do I know?…it probably actually is Kayden.

I don’t know for sure…and that is why I am emailing to

ask you about this.

Thank you for everything!

PLEASE post more fishing and shooting pictures on your website.

Take care and stay safe.

Yes that is Kayden, who seems to be popping up a little bit of everywhere these days, we are proud of her and I’m proud to have her as a friend, family evenn.

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A Reader Writes

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  1. Can somebody please tell me what the commercial is about? I’ve watched it three times, but keep getting distracted by Kayden… *grin*

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