A List of All PWL Users



It should be noted that some of the names are people watching pwl in order to help bring them down. Also the lst is in chronological order by date joined most recent joins are LAST and first users are at the top so worstnightmare for instance is of course donny


Forum username -> email mapping
Recognize anyone?

Also, if you gave your info to xxxfilmjobs.com and it showed up on pornwikileaks, now you know why.

Get them Here!

The funny thing is that many of them are Donny  every email @xxxfilmjobs is Donny.  This guy has some serious time on his hands…and no life, what a fucking moron.

If anyone sees anything that stands out lemme know.


51210cookie-checkA List of All PWL Users

A List of All PWL Users

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3 Responses

  1. I see Donny is being hit with spam from the likes of “Pharmacy Generic az”, “penis enlargement pills” and “Adsensetricks”. This is very ironic and funny as hell! I am an admin on a cell phone forum (as Mike is on his forum) and manage to keep this crap out, it seems like Donny could too if he had half a brain. All it takes is manual approval of members and not allowing members from countries such as Russia, Nigeria and Ethiopia. There is also automatic software that can filter out most spam addresses as all spammers can be reported to the databases via the forum software.

    As for people that stand out, I think you are right that some are monitoring the forum to try to bring it down. There is an entry for Mike South, Porno Dan and Monica Foster — none of which support Donkey. I am pretty sure that Monica’s actual e-mail is on the list as well.

  2. Those spam type addresses are the accounts that post questionable material in the Dump Your Gaygent forum. You know, the kind of material that Interpol and Nambla would be interested in.

  3. Mark, I have to agree with you there. BTW, are you the son of the late Mark Felt that was the actual Deep Throat source that reporters used to report on the Tricky Dick investigation in 1973-1974?

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