A Legal Analysis of Kink.com Threatened Lawsuit – Reader Comments

105880cookie-checkA Legal Analysis of Kink.com Threatened Lawsuit – Reader Comments

A Legal Analysis of Kink.com Threatened Lawsuit – Reader Comments

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  1. Sorry to be so wordy, but this stuff is complicated and LurkingReader brought up an excellent thought about lies in political campaigns that I hadn’t considered. But, it too, is complicated. If I was a betting man, I’d bet that cooler heads will prevail and Kink will not file a lawsuit.

  2. @BT

    TY for laying this out.

    Used to threaten my older brother…I’m telling…his standard reply:
    “Would ya, could ya, are ya gonna, if I let let ya would ya wanna, ah come on ya said ya would, what’s the matttttterrrrr, CHICKEN?” In a great sing song voice.

    Not sure which appellate case, legislative or ballot initiative is most important, am sure the number of cases & their cumulative value is phenomenal. Win some lose some the ground is still shaking

    OMG…was writing that hearing Carole King ..AP push announcement that her husband song writer died popped up top…how’s that for affirming a gut feeling?

    Definitely see Cease & Desist letter as proof the ground is shaking beneath Acworths feet and this is way of trying to convince folks he is going to somehow not fall on his ass.

  3. Whine..Whine…Whine..Typical British cry baby. Fuck him.
    That’s all you going to here from that bitch is whinning.
    And it could have been really bad for him, he could have
    hired that ambulance chaser Marc Randazza for a attorney
    and Marc would have been ripping him off left and right.

  4. @dodogoodman –
    I actually specifically remember that blog. It was very well written and seemed completely straight forward which is always entertaining and informative to read…

    I’m quite sure not everyone has the same experience, but the public isn’t stupid enough to believe it never happens..

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