Shy Love Now Operating The VIP Connect

Shy Love has left ATMLA and has now formed her own agency The VIP Connect. The question is, is The VIP Connect a front for prostitution?

If so, there is one agent called the VIP Connect who should NOT be operating in any way shape or form. Shy Love also known as Sheelagh Blumberg operating the VIP Connect. Definitely this is not the agency any reputable production companies would want to work with.

When it comes to quality, stable talent, Shy Love and The VIP Connect can’t come through.

Does the name The VIP connect even sound like a real talent agency to you? The talents being represented will be at a significant disadvantage over their competing potential performers. So why would anyone choose The VIP Connect you may ask? The answer is shocking to a unseasoned veteran who is in the know.

Here is an example of Shy Love’s booking a private – definitely not a talent agent’s finest hour and looks like a escort job caught live. That video is a must see to believe. How does the state of California allow an agent continue to do business when they were caught booking privates?

Sheelagh Liberboim

Many sources states that the VIP Connect is unlicensed not properly bonded. Performer-director-producer Shy Love is back in the mix and is now operating The VIP Connect which is a front for prostitution. This should not be recognized as anything else. Read more on what some of the most trusted adult industry news sites views Shy Love and her new underhanded ways.

Shy Love has started operating an Escort agency, The VIP Connect. Here is how Shy Love asks for her statement to be posted.

Shy Loves states on many out press releases that she is here to help others. This is a lie and if her lips are moving she is lying.

Love said that she would do more than merely get bookings for her clients. “I want to help these girls. The VIP Connect is really not about relationships and mutual respect. However it is all about scams and Income tax evasion. Remember Shy Love has not file ANY income tax returns in 11 Years. Many sources and some of these sources has presented some compelling evidence.

With that being said meet Shy Love’s Webmaster John Stephen Forbush. He is a felon and convict who once attempted to murder a Los Angeles Police officer. See full story about John Forbush here.

We have received verified information that a majority, if not all, the of the names of the performer listed on her website are false. Some have left her agency and now book on their own or have left the industry all together.

Shy Love also known as Sheelagh Liberboim is listed herself. Sheelagh Liberboim’s claimed prized talents was never listed with the agency and or has since left the agency and went on to legitimate agencies recognized by the adult industry.


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Shy Love Now Operating The VIP Connect

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27 Responses

  1. their is no seperation of the gay and straight industries, there is no seperation between porn and escorting. Which is another FATAL FLAW in the Harm Reduction testing system. All of the escort clients are not being tested, which leaves a HUGE hole in the porn harm reduction program.

  2. I think that escort clients should be required to show a recent porn panel VD test (for all escorts) just like porn performers are required to show a recent VD test (by the vast majority of producers) before a scene. If an individual escort wishes to require a condom be used as well I don’t have a problem with that but don’t see where requiring a condom company-wide (or state-wide as Nevada currently requires) is reasonable (I believe in condom optional for film work as well). I know that companies such as the Luxury Companion claim to the police that sex is not part of the deal but strongly suspect that they are lying about that in many cases (let’s just say that I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday). For the record the Luxury Companion is not the only company providing such services and some porn performers in the past have self-represented in escorting as well.

    Please note that I am not claiming that Shy Love has any connection to the Luxury Companion herself, it is possible that the cross-represented women persued escorting on their own without her help.

  3. @Mharris,
    Again you bring up condom optional, and the escort clients should be tested. Wishful thinking….these things DO NOT exist. Just because a TINY fraction of companies might offer the choice, and a TINY fraction of the escort customers might get tested is IRRELEVENT when you are dealing with a Harm Reduction Program.

    You do not make policy based on the exceptions to the rule,,,and the rule of the day here is the massive amount of unprotected sex, the massive amount of sexual partners, and the massive amount of clients who are NOT part of the harm reduction program, but are, with the assistance of members of the adult industry,(i.e agents/pimps) having lots and lots of sex, condom and non condom, with people in the harm reduction program.

    All of these conditions, which were not AS prevelent in the past when this system was developed, have rendered the current system much less effective. Condom optional DOES NOT EXIST for the vast vast majority of performers.

  4. Well, I guess she is really going broke and needs to come back and
    run a porn agency and escorting one too. I wonder what scandals and
    other lines of bullshit she’ll run this time around. The whole industry is
    full of crooked pimps anyways. Good luck.

  5. As long as escorting and prostitution remain criminalized I will advocate testing as harm reduction in the same manner I advocate needle exchanges for IV drug use. That said in no way shape or manner can I advocate the same harm reduction in a legitimate work place.

    The price as in expected consequences of poverty, homelessness and IV drug use is a deterrent only for folks fortunate enough to have resources to protect or shelter them from the inevitable facing those without resources. For those I gladly part with post tax dollars hoping the little that remains after being misappropriated provides the services they desperately need including harm reduction.

    On the flip side I’ll speak often & loudly against employers touting ‘harm reduction’ as an acceptable alternative to ‘workplace safety.’

    Hopefully the mutual respect written above includes refusing booking relationships in places where the numbers going into their pocket still count more than the people generating those numbers.

  6. 20 years ago even Ernest Greene agreed with you Lurk. In that article of his I linked to here a short time ago he says the same thing, about relying on a harm reduction program is a potential liabtility for the industry.

    For any industry that claims to be multi billion dollar(LOL) to rely on a system of LAST RESORT,(i.e. harm reduction) as a FIRST and only line of defense, is beyond absurd. And for producers to claim that they somehow are responsible for this systems existence, and that producers REQUIRE participation in this system by their employees is again, absurd. And lets not forget, producers pay NOTHING. @mharris,,before you give your one or two examples of companies that do pay for testing, you know full well that the vast vast majority of companies dont.

  7. The industry risk is the number of small businesses who followed the lead set by those sitting at the table back then before Ernest Green joined them on the other side. Right now OSHA is dealing with complaints against large companies, how long before performers take advantage of increasing whistleblower protections and start complaining about smaller company’s? How long before small company’s get put on performer no lists because they don’t have enough people to continue shooting while dealing with OSHA?

    Company’s that require and pay for some performers testing reduce harm as much as a needle exchange that only has needles for those not yet infected. Applauding a company that pays for testing performers expected to pass the tests while ignoring those who might not is a huge part of the problem.

  8. Just because some uninlightened companies do not allow condoms on their sets doesn’t mean the idea of condom optional is not a good one, I will even support a mandate of condom optional. Part of discourse is to both bring up and discuss different ideas. I can even respect you disagreeing with me on my ideas. Things that do not exist now could in the future, especially with a little push from those directly involved.

    My biggest problem with mandatory condoms is that it is impossible for most female pussies to withstand and Weinfuck/Hall know that and are using it in a moral crusade to run porn out of the state and eventually the country. Hell, Izzy Hall is an ordained Baptist minister. The Baptists believe that sex is only for procreation and that all other sex is a sin. Do you honestly think the ends justify the means here — causing the US porn industry to either go deep underground or not exist at all because of a guy that is pissed about having to spend an extra million bucks a year for doing what his organization is supposed to do — treat AIDS patients — and a Baptist minister that feels that porn and non-procreative sex is a sin? I don’t.

  9. I’m glad Tiff Bannister got an agent. Cute with a lot of potential.

    Matt, when you have sex, do you let the girl decide condom or no condom? Oh wait, I forgot you don’t have sex. Which begs the question why you’re so interested in the condom debate to begin with. You have zero first-hand experience to support your views and that’s why nothing you say on this topic can be taken seriously.

    Btw do you still post on PWL?

  10. Shy Love AKA Mikes Souths industry insider. AKA Horrible Agent. AKA Pass the Buck. VIP Connect? Great name for a escort service lol. I feel bad for the guy that brought ATMLA.

  11. @mharris

    Oh do please enlighten us ignorant fools with no AHF or Baptist ties who despite our religious beliefs are on board with non-procreative sex in bedrooms that are none of our fucking business. Please explain how those beliefs conflict with thinking stakeholder(s) are responsible for a safe workplace and the costs to make it that way even if that workplace includes non-procreative sex in any way imaginable.

    If your favorite company paid for and required every performer to have a valid 14 day test we might not be having these dialogues..discussions or discourse.

    As for your vaginal condom rash theory …each time you spout that shit without offering something to explain why assholes rosebud or transmit HIV at exponentially higher rates than vaginal sex…I’m going to exercise my option to fantasize how fun it would to be to see if a four inch dick chaffes when a totally exasperated woman stretches that pecker to see if the ass attached chaffes more with or without condoms. Being as yer getting up there in age and might have trouble keeping it up there’s always the option of using a four inch dildo too. Cuz I’m nice there’s assorted lubes for the porn sized dildos that come next…btw I’m wearing gloves and will leave some depends to help ya out over the next week when you’re shitting your pants….but what the fuck lets discourse about avoiding chaffing with optional vaginal condoms and how mandatory gay anal condoms work because gays or gay for pay means being born with a magical asshole too.

  12. Looks like AVN is still promoting FSC grudge against Shy Love.

    WTF…if you don’t like someone don’t run their presser..changing headline and adding ..”In the release, Love makes the claim” is like shouting we’re passive aggressive assholes who never forgive or forget.

  13. I suppose that a condom would chafe a man’s asshole as well (I know female performers have complained of chafing of the asshole during anal with a condom), I just haven’t heard any men complain. For the record I think serosorting and the testing regime used in straight porn would also work in gay porn although I am not an expert in that area. Maybe I should find a gay performer that bottoms to ask this question to. I personally don’t think mandatory condoms should be the order of the day in either gay or straight porn. I think the policy of most gay companies is something that just hasn’t changed since the days of the ELISA test being the only test available and it (with the technology of the time) having a three to six month lead time before it detected positive in an HIV infected person. With the APTIMA test and serosorting I think gay porn would be just fine with testing as the main mode of defense against VD.

  14. Never posted on PWL, I have told you that before.

    To answer your other question, if the chickie is cute, trustworthy and shows me a recent VD panel showing her to be negative and proof that she is on birth control I would not have a problem fucking her without a condom. Almost all porn chickies can show their VD test and can prove that they are on birth control. However, as I have said before an average Joe’s ten to fifteen minute romp in the hay is different than three hours of almost constant fucking, especially with condom drag. BTW I have had sex in this decade. Do me a favor, fly to Thailand (in coach) and go get fucked, Hop. BTW if Hop is your real name it is a man’s name. If you are really named Hop than you don’t have a pussy to tell us whether condom drag really hurts either. If you are a woman than you must be one of the lucky ones or haven’t fucked either unlubed at all or with a lubed condom for more than 15 minutes.

  15. @mharris

    Hate to break it to you…but my pussy is calling bullshit on your crap. I zealously guard the privacy of my bedroom yet can say the following without breaking privacy commitment with hubby who isn’t eligible for any small dick contests.

    Intentional quickie stress fucks aside it’s a rare occasion when the penetration part of our activities is less than 15 minutes and always has been. Early menopause caused chaffing we never experienced through four years and two post pregnancy stints with condoms. This is easily cured with any number of our favorite lubes.

    Biggest problem with condoms wasn’t a problem because he’s a patient man & I enjoyed every extra minute it took for him to get off while wearing a condom.

    Just because it isn’t on film doesn’t mean it isn’t happening behind doors some folks prefer to leave closed to outsiders 😉

  16. @mharris

    This response to my comment ….be a fucking man and just ask me to stretch that four inch dick and plow some dildos up yer ass…the worst that can happen is I’ll say no and you can always ask some else.

  17. I am glad to hear that you have a great sex life and your pussy is evidently made of iron. Just because you and Monica Foster can fuck for long periods with a (I assume) properly lubed condom for hours on end and not get irritation doesn’t mean every woman is so fortunate.

    For the record I support you keeping most details of your sex life private since that is your desire. I think everyone should have that right (and the right to not do so as well). I have also heard others say menopause caused a reduction of natural lubrication in the vagina which caused chafing even without a condom. As you said, it was cured with an appropriate lube.

  18. @mharris

    Last GYN appointment doc assured me everything is “normal”

    I don’t care how many 18+yo you have consensual sex with…i do care how many you spout this kool-aid to. Every time you spout this bullshit there’s better than even odds a young girl who’s considering the industry or new to the industry will use what you repeated to make what she thinks is an informed choice. Because docs ask questions the most brazen sextrovert is often uncomfortable with the most respectful thing you could do is STFU or provide medically accurate information.

    The industry partyline of condom chaffing is their response to head off expensive regulations and absolutely fine in that venue. Its part of the tug of war to shift the cost of doing business to the stakeholder from the labor providing the service and risking their bodies.

    When people post comments or sit on a barstool chatting up a potential partner via industry partylines they’re denying them the right to make an informed choice. People making informed choices based on accurate information is no threat to the industry when every performer who says no is just making way for those who will say yes.

    BTW – with or without a well lubed condom pussy’s usually know they’ve been fucked. It doesn’t take a degree to understand the scientific principal of ‘friction’ and it isn’t rocket science that debris causes more friction hence the anal douche pre-scene vs avoiding vaginal douching prior because it strips the natural lube process which includes natural barriers to ward off invading microbes.

  19. The pussy made of iron comment was rhetorical.

    I understand you want people coming in to the biz to have accurate information. So do I. However, when thirty plus porn chickies claim their pussies get irritated more from condom use than bareback I have to think it is accurate. I can’t imagine thirty people that should know intimately whether three hours with a condom (lubed or not) causes excessive irritation over bareback would lie about it. One or two, yes but not thirty. Producers and performers both have said that the rate of condom failure in porn scenes (when they are used) is very high, one figure I read was as high as 30 per cent. A broken condom does not provide any protection. Before anyone brings in gay porn I have never watched any of that nor do I keep up on the gay porn interviews or press (if such things even exist). I am thinking about attempting to find a blog or somewhere (besides Twitter — I don’t think I can communicate in 140 characters or less effectively) that I can contact Wolf Hudson (who performs in both gay and straight scenes for Kink) and ask him about condom irritation to the ass when taking cock into it with a condom on it. However, that may be a crass thing to ask a performer on a public blog.

  20. Although in the videos she has made lately to post on her blog for VIP Connect Shy looks like she has aged a bit (although that may be because she isn’t wearing make-up) she still isn’t bad looking. I would still sleep with her if I had the chance. Maybe she will come back into performing and do a scene for Hogtied or Sex and Submission where she is tied up, suspended, gagged, whipped and caned while being fucked up the ass by a ten inch dick. I know a lot of men weren’t fans of Shy but I thought she was a decent performer and certainly cute as hell. 🙂

  21. @mharris

    Keep trying to justify your bullshit….I’ll see your thirty or even three hundred porn chickies and raise you with thousands of qualified medical personnel.

    Hate to break it to you…the cards on the table and what’s in my hand means you lose this rhetorical poker game. Four agamic aces can only be beat with a straight flush or royal flush and the closest you’re coming to either is the tidy bowl man.

  22. I noticed something interesting here. The telephone number has a Las Vegas area code. Moving in on Dreks territory?

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