Gregg Dodson Pimping Wicked Contract Girl Kaylani Lei Escorting

ON Gregg Dodson, crowned ” the most stupidest pimp in the history of prostitution”. Generally speaking I don’t much care who escorts and who doesn’t but Kaylani has taken it on herself to make threats to me along with Gregg. so I decided to look into just what is going on there

Gregg Dodson the advent purveyor of felching and pegging.

A reader tipped me to this ad, are  Gregg Dodson and Trinity St Clair rogue pimps ? You bet

Gregg Dodson
Gregg Dodson Pimp and con artist receiving the profits of prostitutes


Trinity St Clair
Trinity St Clair

Pimping just is not easy, not when you are fat ass dough BOI, munching on Trinity’s infected, sour patch goo box.

(the ad has since been pulled  no big surprise there  I do have a copy of it.)

“from The Ad

You’ve been Impressed for years with her acting and sexual energy on screen! This is your chance to meet her!July 16th – 19th

About Me

She began exploring the world of exotic dancing, and it was while performing that she began considering the idea of a career in adult video. She found immediate success in adult films.

She was firmly established as a leading lady, thanks to the release of the first film. This film received press coverage in both AVN and cable tv. This AVN Editor’s Choice review took things to entirely new levels, with the actress handling both the dramatic and erotic extremes of the movie with aplomb.

She is also a frequent studio guest on both Playboy TV and mainstream radio, this beauty has also hosted her own talk show.

She an all natural beauty.  You have been watching and wanting her for years.  Now is your chance to finally fulfill your fantasies.  Don’t wait.  With a blink of an eye she will be out of reach again!

If you would like to meet this Sexy Star or one of the 300 stars Lourdes Enterprise represents please fill out the form below. Lourdes Enterprise represents a large number of under the radar ladies as well.


Gender: Female
Age: 33
Ethnicity: Asian, Exotic
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’0″
Weight: 100 lb
Measurements: 32BB – 22″ – 32″

Independent for Couples, Men, Women

SF, Vegas LA
Incall / Outcall

if there is any doubt that Misumi is Kaylani have a look at the emails from Lourdes Enterprise, Misumi/Kaylani’s agency.

Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014

Subject: Re:
From: [email protected]
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

“2000 per hour | 5500 per 3 hours | 8000 per 12 hours” [This was a response to an inquiry about her rates”


“I am requesting July 17th for 12 hour stay, I will wire money-which there should be no added cost. Its coming from checking account.
I would please like it if Kaylani would be kind enough to wear outfit and hair in semi curls. I am willing to pay slightly extra for that. from her latest movie 24XXX a parody great TV show, but she made this parody outstanding as michelle”

Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014

Subject: Re:

From: [email protected]


We accept Visa & MC with a 10% fee. If you bring the DVD she will sign it.
Remember last week when I noted that porn videos were nothing more than escort ads these days…..The money that once was in porn is now in “escorting” with agencies popping up left and right, but with that also comes attention, attention that the industry can ill afford right now…Plus it’s an election year.  Don’t be surprised to see some of these agencies get busted soon.
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Gregg Dodson Pimping Wicked Contract Girl Kaylani Lei Escorting

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11 Responses

  1. Girls are retiring left and right too. Both Jynx Maze and Alina Li announced yesterday they are done with porn.

  2. If this agency is scrutinized …Using credit cards with 10% fees vs accepting client wired funds works as well as wearing a g-string to cover their ass to get around wire fraud and racketeering charges. Additionally if the credit card co sees their name associated with 10% fees they or processor can get bagged for TOS violation losing ability to process.

    Not sure if it’s elections or forfeiture laws behind some of these cases. Do know rampant internet media has made the world a smaller place where things like the redbook site takedown in SF is causing more ripples in the pond.

    Re porn advertising prostitution, Louis Theroux from the telegraph wrote an article in 2012 that caught my’s how it opens
    “The broadcaster, 42, who recently investigated the adult film business for a new programme, said that piracy and the internet had meant it was in the middle of “a commercial tailspin”.
    He said that what was once a “byword for easy money” and exploitation was now “fighting for its life”.”

  3. Is it just me or does the current porn industry seem to revolve around like 5 guys and maybe 25-30 girls? It’s the same performers over & over & over again.
    Plus, out of those 25-30 girls half of them are “out of the country” on a regular basis.
    Meh… I guess you can’t blame them. Follow the money…

  4. I just have 1 question:
    What the fuck kind of loser has to pay $8K to get a girl to fuck him and sit by him for 12 hours?
    Are these guys mentally challenged or some shit?
    Seriously, is something actually wrong with them?
    What if she accidentally falls asleep or something? Does she need to be awake for the whole 12 hours?
    I mean, it’s fucking some pussy not rocket science… wtf?

    This is a serious question.

  5. Yes Lacey they are fucking very stupid men who what they call pay for
    pussy. That’s why the porn industry is in trouble with the condom law being crammed down the throat of the producers in California. Escorting is the reason and the way the diseases are coming into the biz. Pussy buying SOB’s.


  6. Yes Lacey Blake One can have money to blow and not be very pragmatic. Who is Greg Dodson ? Driver, Male Talent, Director or just a common drug dealing pimp swindler as it appears at first glance

  7. Karmafan, girls retiring in the current situation is not surprising at all. Things are tough all over, and girls who aren’t willing to escort on the side may not be making the type of money to make it worth doing the work, especially when you consider the risks.

    Escorting, like it or not, appears to be the fat end of the business right now. Ride into town, do one private a day for a week, and go home with 10k in your pocket for it – and likely undeclared “cash” as well for some of them. Plus they can dictate the terms to a certain extent, so safe sex, nothing nasty, and they get paid up front without any hassles.

    Alina Li is a special case, apparently she got hounded as a result of doing her first interracial scene and decided just to give it up. She was otherwise totally taking over the porn world, making it even shittier to see her leave.

  8. There is more to the porn industry’s problems then escorting. Its just one of many factors. Piracy is another, crooked misogynistic motherfuckers in charge of making porn is another, crossover talent, and years of ripping off the porn buying consumer as well.

  9. @rawalex That’s statement about Alina Li is incorrect, she quit after her scene.

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