Women Pedophiles

Women pedophiles, is Ghislaine Maxwell one?


Ghislaine Maxwell is one and the last of nine children, to a British Media mogul who seemingly arose from Czechoslovakian poverty to become a direct competitor to Rupert Murdoch in the 1980s. There are Internet sources that say she was her father’s favorite, he even named his beloved and infamous party yacht after her. (Infamous because he fell naked from the £15m yacht to his death in 1991.) Simply having a wealthy background, is not enough on its own to raise suspicion, it isn’t until you understand that her family’s connections are deeper than mere acquaintances with the rich, powerful and, of course, Jeffrey Epstein. Her father had ties to 3 different secret intelligence agencies, Russia, the UK and Israel, leaving me to wonder what skills of the trade did she learn from him? Referring to herself as “Daddy’s girl,” Ghislaine Maxwell was taken by her daddy to all the important events, where she met and hobnobbed with society’s A-lists, while still herself a student. Epstein’s ex-business partner, Steven Hoffenberg, claims it was her father who introduced the pair in the late 1980s. Regardless the case, she got together with Epstein shortly after moving to the United States and her father’s death. Former Epstein employees describe her as his right arm, demanding and commanding both in his household and organizing his life, Jeffery himself is on record as saying she was his best friend. The problem is that when the public talks about of sexual predators they never think about female pedophiles, and even if these women are implicated, they almost never get the same treatment given to their male counterparts.

There has been Twitter buzz that Ghislaine Maxwell’s globe trotting and wealthy lifestyle could possibly be able to tie her to the 2007 disappearance of 3 year old Madeline McCann. It was two years before the public was told that one of the suspects was a woman, a woman whose sketch looks extraordinarily a lot like Ghislaine Maxwell. This is of course speculation, but it does prove the point that when sexual predators are sought, women pedophiles are among the last suspects to be considered. Regardless of conjecture, what we do know about Ghislaine is that she has a history, not only as a colleague, and probable lover of Epstein but, as was revealed in the 2015 court case of Virginia Giuffre v. Maxwell she also procured young women for him. Moving forward, other allegations may or may not come to light in Maxwel’s current case. We can only wait and see, because the media (with it’s long time connections to Maxwell’s family) will either turn this courtroom drama into some sort of pseudo television reality series or worse, they’re going to bury the information, to protect a bunch of billionaire pedophiles.

Guilty because of her associations

It happens all the time that punks are implicated in crimes because they hang out with criminals. However when it comes to society’s rich and powerful of society, often one person is made or willingly becomes the fall guy while others escape scrutiny and remain untouchable. When it comes to child abuse, particularly sexual grooming, anyone who suspects or knows that someone is molesting a child and makes the decision to keep silent is guilty of enabling and aiding the predator. Therefore, in my opinion, there’s just only way Ghislaine Maxwell can claim she’s innocent is that somehow she never knew what Jeffery Epstein was doing with young girls. The fact that she has already lost at least one court case (settled out of court on another) for her alleged involvement in finding girls to sexually satisfy Epstein does not bode well for her claims of innocence. Again, in my opinion, providing sexual predators with their prey is also a form of being a sexual predator and therefore the women who furnish pedophiles with children are also women pedophiles… Even if they’re not in the bedroom during the act, they’re still getting off on the abuse.

Even before hooking up with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell had very powerful friends but she met him at a time when her finances where threatened because her father’s embezzlement came to light and much of the Maxwell family’s corporate holdings were being scrutinized. How could any socialite who hangs out with royalty and the most powerful people in the world give up her luxurious high standard of living? Perhaps Epstein traded her unlimited funds for her elite high placed connections? What’s really terrifying is the thought of how many of her friends and contacts may have also molested innocent children. I can’t help but wonder just how many of society’s powerful elites (many of them are women pedophiles) were involved in these crimes and how many of them are untouchable and unknowable.

In this world there are people far more powerful than the President of the United States. But if the general population has heard of any of these people, they are mostly clueless to the extent of their power. Male pedophiles or women pedophiles, someone with sufficient power can easily demand that Ghislaine Maxwell be declared innocent, just to protect their own interests. Or perhaps arrange it so that she’ll conveniently commit suicide in jail, before she can implicate others. However this plays out, everyone needs to remember that just because someone is a woman doesn’t mean she was coerced into being sexual predator or one of humanity’s women pedophiles. In order to have a truly equal society, it is time we see the monsters for what they are and stop believing that women are the “weaker sex” and protecting them, just because on some level most people can’t really really imagine that women can have the same power, influence and deviant inclinations as men…. Accept facts, there are women pedophiles in this world too.

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Women Pedophiles

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