Why Burden of Proof Should Be on the Prosecution:

OK, so now porners have to prove they never committed a crime all in the name of keeping our shildren safe. Has anyone considered who will be next? Will beer sales or cigarette sales come next? must a store owner keep a record of every single alcohol or tobacco sale and prove that none were made to minors? And what about the privacy of performers, we have already had one major incidence of hundreds of performers information being placed on the net, including photos of passports and social security cards, everything a REAL criminal needs to steal an identity.

Bottom line is if the FSC wants respect they should be on the side of the entire industry, not just those who pay them, further they should do a better job, a first year law student could make the case that 2257 is way off base from a constitutional standpoint. This SUCKS…


19190cookie-checkWhy Burden of Proof Should Be on the Prosecution:

Why Burden of Proof Should Be on the Prosecution:

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