Who’s On First?:

As I look at the Supreme Court thing I cant help but do some analysis, who will the Republicans Put Forth.

Had Gonzales not been named Attorney General he’d be my top pick, he still could be named to the court but it’s unlikely. Bush would certainly like a female or a hispanic in this position.

Justice Janice Brown would be a good bet, she is black, female and very conservative, but she was only approved to the U S Court of appeals this month, so she is prolly out.

Emilio Garza would fill the hispanic background but his strong opposition to Roe v. Wade would get him nixed in the Senate.

Judge Edith Jones fits the female bill but its unlikely her hard line conservative background would make her acceptable.

Alex Kozinski would be a good pick, a conservative with Libertarian leanings, Kozinski would likely be approved in the confirmation process, the problem is going to be his Libertarian leanings, The GOP would have a hard time explaining him to the God Squad.

Michael McConnell will be a good bet if Bush wants a long legacy, McConnell is relatively young at 50 years old. He also has no clear stand on abortion, his opposition to prayer in public schools would get him in hot water with the God Squad that the GOP seems beholden to.

Michael Luttig is another good bet because he is a neo con with almost no trail of opinions on abortion, or anything else for that matter.

I predict the Republicans will offer up a sacrificial lamb, someone they KNOW will not be acceptable, someone like Emilio Garza and they will put up a good fight, eventually getting defeated so that the real desired nominee someone like Edith Jones, could sail through in round two.

As bad as it is that abortion will be the key issue, theres no question that it will be the deciding factor. Personally Kozinski is my favorite choice as to who I would LIKE to see in there among the front runners.

Get Ready To Rumble:

There’s going to be a battle royale in the Senate when it comes time to replace Sandra Day O’Conner on the Supreme Court. O’Conner, who announced her resignation today, is a swing vote in the Roe v. Wade saga replacing her with someone hostile to that ruling could see it revisted and overturned. The Right wing God Squad is furiously masturbating at the thought of that.

Justice Rehnquist is also expected to retire very soon.

Whatch this closely because 2257 may very well end up being decided by the Supremes, and I ain’t talkin Diana Ross.


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Who’s On First?:

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