Tomorrow We Vote

I refuse to waste my vote on someone who hasn’t earned it so I will be voting Libertarian.

That said unless a strange set of events transpires Barack Obama will be president elect on Wednesday morning. He has a commanding lead in the electoral votes and is posed to take some long held Democratic states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.

A couple of things could change it.  Most of these battleground states that are leaning to Obama are doing so because of a large number of newly registered voters in those states, the vast majority are registered Democrats.  If these newly registered voters fail to show up at the polls and the Republicans get a heavy turnout even a state like Pennsylvania which is polling heavily for Obama could fall into the Republican column.

It isn’t likely but it could happen.

The thing is McCain could have concievably won the election until he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.  She may have made the hard right happy but the truth is they were going to vote Republican anyway, it was the independents he needs and Palin is running almost 90% unfavorable with Independents.  the idea that because she has a vagina (presumeably) that she would attract Hillary voters was ill concieved at best.  Yup, when he loses he can thank the Witch of Wasilla but in the end the call was his so he can thank his poor judgement.

Have you made a note that on one hand you have a solid upper middle class family with two daughters none of whom has been in any trouble at all with the law, both parents are Harvard law school grads.

On the other you have a family with five children one of which is an unwed 16 year old mom to be (she got knocked up at 16) the father has multiple run ins with the law as does, I think the oldest son.

Now stop and think about this…which one is the “conservative family values WASP” family and which one is the black family.

Are either one going to be a friend to the first amendment?  In a word, NO.  the only saving grace is that they are going to have far more pressing issues to deal with than us godless pornographers so maybe they will let us be.  But dont bet on it.

Whomever you support drag your ass out to the polls and vote, people have died so that you might maintain your freedom, the least you can do is go out there and exercize your responsibility to help choose the future of your country.

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Tomorrow We Vote

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