The Nevada Caucus (Yet Another Exclusive):

Thanks to Steve Lane and Serenity

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(Kerry Wins with 70%)

My 24 hours in politics

I said I was going to get more involved in the political scene this time around. With John Kerry coming to Vegas, I made the trip to see him speak. I thought I got there early enough only to find nowhere to park. Finally nestled on a side street, I headed into the packed hall waiting for the Senator, who I had voted for while living in Mass., to arrive. Even though I’m a Democrat, I’m not married to whoever they put out there. In fact, I watched Bush’s appearance on Meet the Press with Russert (who I consider to be the best interviewer in TV) with an open mind. When Bush said the word capable instead of just saying “The Buck stops here” he lost me. I hope Russert does the debates. Back to the journey. I found a seat and listened to the Mariachi Band they had playing. They were good but after a while and not having a Margarita in hand, I was ready for the Senator to arrive. By the time Kerry got there, the venue was packed so much, many outside couldn’t get in because of capacity.
He started to speak and it was clear he considers no other Dem a threat. Not a mention of the other candidates. It was all about Bush and all about Kerry’s plans. He talked about the usual Dem platforms, Medicare, healthcare, Social Security. He talked a bit about developing renewable energy and then Yucca Mountain which, only 75 miles from my house was a key topic. Bush broke this promise to all of Nevada. He also said in his first 100 days he would enact legislation that politicians retiring couldn’t become lobbyists for 5 years and that all meetings between lobbyist and politicians would be public record. He also specifically said he was looking forward to Ashcroft going. Overall a good speech. Off to the caucus’s tomorrow (Feb 14th)

I arrived to an over flowing caucus site. I had never participated in one and looked forward to it. Kerry once again stopped by to rally the troops but it was already obvious he is going to roll in this one. I registered and hit the cafeteria where we would caucus or discuss the different candidates and vote. One problem. This year’s caucus had at least 1500% more turnout than 2000. So this day, Feb 14th 2004. Nevada became the first Democratic Caucus to be held in a football stadium and field! After opening remarks by our Senator Harry Reid and Congress-women Shelley Berkley, each candidate had a rep talk briefly about their guys. We then broke off into precincts to vote. That part went quick. Mostly Kerry with a few Edwards and Dean people. I have to say a caucus gets you more involved in the process than a primary. It was a good 24 hour experience. I predict record turnout this Nov which could spell big trouble for Bush. So Mike you get the exclusive before Fox or CNN. Kerry will win big. (Big surprise)
So it comes to this. Participate in your caucuses and primaries. Vote in Nov. for whoever is your choice. It’s just a hunch but I’m guessing maybe 10% of the adult industry voted last election and I think I’m being kind. If you don’t vote, you can’t bitch

At this point I whole heartedly agree that Bush is in big trouble, Ashcroft is a big anchor around his neck as is his general lack of credibility and zero charisma. I don’t see the affair thing hurting Kerry at this point.

I also Whole heartedly agree that if you don’t vote don’t bitch, do it y’all….Thanks again Steve!

Paris Hilton Video A Hoax: (Another Exclusive):

You heard about it on Stern, you read about it at AVN and on most every other site but apparently nobody actually watched, and more inportantly LISTENED to it.

Particularly the radio in the background. There is at least one commercial which talks about Valentines day being Saturday, now assuming that the video is the real deal, the last time Valentines day was on a Saturday was 1998, which would make Paris Hilton all of 16 years old (She was born 2-17-1981) when the tape was made.

That would make everyone who watches it a pedophile. BUT fear not, you aren’t, theres also a commercial for an interview between Diane Sawyer and Mel Gibson about Passion of Christ, that movie has gottan a lot of pre-release press but certainly not 6 years worth.

And farther into the video there is a commercial for the network premeire of Princess Diaries on ABC.

All of this adds up to … it’s most likely a big ass hoax, probably the additional footage was filmed with look alikes and filmed very recently at that.

Note that NOWHERE on the site that claims to have the rights to this video does it say “Paris Hilton”.

Save your money y’all, better yet go spend it at or right here, there is WAY better porn in either place!

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The Nevada Caucus (Yet Another Exclusive):

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