Taxing Your Internet Access:

Taxing Your Internet Access:

Delaware Sen. Thomas Carper, a Democrat, told reporters he would try to keep the omnibus bill from coming to the Senate floor if the ban was included in its present form, which he said infringed on the rights of state and local governments to raise revenues.

“If we end up with just an awful … provision I would certainly object to bringing the omnibus spending bill to the floor and I suspect others will join me,” Carper told reporters after a news briefing on the issue.

The ban is meant to replace a 1998 moratorium that kept state and local government from imposing taxes on the monthly fees Internet providers charge their customers. The moratorium expired on Nov. 1.

As written, the replacement measure would permanently ban those taxes as well as taxes on high-speed cable and DSL services not covered under the original moratorium.

The new version, which cleared the House of Representatives in September, would also eliminate access taxes that were in place in some states before 1998. Senate leaders brought the bill to the floor several weeks ago but pulled it back after it became apparent the measure might not pass easily.

Wouldn’t ya know this moron is a fucking Democrat. Can someone explain to me exactly what the state actually PROVIDES that would entitle it to money from internet access? The idea of making the internet a tax free zone is a damn good one. Fortuneatly it is highly unlikely that Mr. Carper will be able to do more than delay passage of this bill for a few days.

Need Wood in Toronto:

Will be shooting in Toronto soon, (That’s Canada, for those of you who went to public schools) and I need guys. You got what it takes and are close to Toronto? Shoot me an email!

Special note to Quasarman, Hamilton Steel, Peter North and Brandon Iron…If any of you apply I’m doing porn a favor and leaving you up there….

Hustler Busty is Gone:

It’s well known now that Hustler Busty Beauties Magazine has been terminated “with extreme prejudice”. But Morgan Hagen , who has been with LFP since it’s early days in Ohio (thats over 25 years, longer than anyone cept the Flynts) is still employed there. No word yet on what his new position will be or even if he will remain.

Richard Writes:

Rush Limbaugh on drugs, Michael Jackson abusing kids, Phil Spector indicted for murder…who would have guessed that celebrities would be weirder and in more trouble lately than porn folks?

Ya know….aint that the truth….

Hey Look What I Got Invited To!!!!

(Yes This really was emailed to me! My thoughts are In Line)

Don’t Miss YOUR Chance to be part of the “Naughtiest” Private Party in Las Vegas.

Yep if you consider outright thievery to be naughty this should be about as naughty as they come!

Come Mix and Mingle Privately with today and yesterday’s Adult Film Stars, Celebrities, and Adult Magazine Models. This is the exclusive party event of the year being held during the CES/AVN Convention week.

Note they didn’t name which stars, that’s because they haven’t HIRED any yet you can be sure, note the keyword HIRED there.

Be a part of ALL the excitement and mingle with some of the most beautiful ladies in the Adult Industry within one of the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino’s Prestigious Suites. Many enticing prizes will be given away all night long. Your senses will be aroused with beautiful women in abundance, and heart pulsating music to get you in the groove. If you’ve always wanted to attend a private adult industry party, this is your chance!

Go to Rain and you will experience all the same things for a lot less.

Date: January 9th, 2004

Time: 8pm til ???

Venue: The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino – Hotel Suite Location and Information will be disclosed after reservation confirmation.

Admission: $1,000 per person – SAVE $200 if your reservation is confirmed before December 15th, 2003.

Thats right you read that right ONE THOUSAND BUCKS! These guys are full of themselves ain’t they.

For Reservations and Payment Information: XXXXXXXX

Obviously I ain’t going to list the site.

*BlueVision guards its guest list and the privacy of its guests above all other priorities. Under no circumstance is any guest permitted to discuss or disclose the activities of the parties to the press, radio, TV, message boards, etc. No cameras, microphones, or other recording devices will be allowed at the party…thank you!

This is the part I liked the best, They are going to ass fuck you HARD for 1K, maybe hire a couple of washed up pornchicks who can’t get work anyplace else, like maybe Tera Patrick, to stand around for a few hours and they are going to forbid you from telling anyone how bad you got screwed…

You wanna drop a thousand bucks, you can get any number of pornchicks who escort on erotica2k or nicis girls and they will be a far better fuck than Tera Patrick, and they will give ya a real party!

10210cookie-checkTaxing Your Internet Access:

Taxing Your Internet Access:

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