Strom Thurmand turns 100:

I know it isn’t porn related but Strom Thurmund R-SC turns 100 years old today. He is the oldest person to ever serve in the United States Senate and prolly tyhe oldest elected official to ever serve in any capacity. Love him or hate him Strom is one tough bird, he has survived marraiges to two former Miss South Carolinas.

President Bush, in a birthday message, noted that Thurmond, while serving as a circuit court judge, volunteered for combat duty during World War II and landed a glider at Normandy on D-Day at the age of 41. “His patriotism, courage and lifetime dedication to South Carolina and his nation will always be remembered,” Bush said.


OK we got no ice, no snow, nothing but some rain. I reckon the forecasters got their payoffs in time for a happy Christmas/Chanukah. As for the people who paid them off…Home Depot now tops the list it seems you can’t find a portable generator in this town…all sold out and those fuckers start around 500 bucks.

6220cookie-checkStrom Thurmand turns 100:

Strom Thurmand turns 100:

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