Some thoughts on the Republican Victories:

There were lots of surprises in tuesdays election, hell Georgia has our first Republican Governor since reconstruction. GA House speaker Tom Murphy, a fixture in the state house and the most powerful man in all of GA was not just defeated he was trounced. The Republicans now control all three branches of the federal government. And the question everyone is asking is why. Obviously the Republicans are striking a more familiar chord, I think Americans are feed up with terrorism and war mongering Islam. I think we are feed up with confiscatory tax rates and irresponsible government spending. I think that we do not want to be subservient to the United Nations and that we think that Sadam Hussien having chemical, biological and nuclear weapons poses a clear threat to the world.

I think the biggest mistake the Democrats made was taking “the black vote” for granted. In Atlanta where I live and indeed in much of the nation Black Americans are the fastest growing segment of the middle class, and as they become more affluent and independent they realize that the Democrats, in realty are attempting to keep them in bondage, keep them dependent on government. I think that black crossover to Republican voting is exactly why the Democrats lost. Vocal and affluent black people like Ken Hamblin and Royal Marshall are actually getting the word out and pointing out how the Democrats are holding the black man down and that the real difference between the two races really is just skin color. If you are educated, and making 70K a year it doesnt matter what color you are, what matters is how firmly embedded in your pocket the governments hands have become, and it doesn’t matter what color you are…you want them OUT!

5810cookie-checkSome thoughts on the Republican Victories:

Some thoughts on the Republican Victories:

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