Should I Re-Invent the Wheel?:

I am considering redoing the review section so that it would have full search capapbilities. This requires putting all the info in huge relational database and that is no easy job. My first thoughts are that if you want this functionality it is readily available at and I am not so sure I want to re-invent the wheel?

The current format I am using has dropped any notation of a ranking in favor of describing the sex in detail and letting the veiwer determine if the movies suits his/her needs based on this. Ratings are highly subjective. I am noting things that stand out as either exceptionally good or exceptionally bad and I am also noting things that could cause local issues for store owners like fisting, choking and the like.

I’d like some feedback on all this from you, my readers. EMAIL ME and tell me what you want.

Never has a States Gubernatorial Election Made so Much News:

But after today, it will all be over. I still say Bustemante by a slim margin. One thing, If Arnold does win, he will almost certainly have less than a majority. Actually whoever wins will have less than a majority.

9760cookie-checkShould I Re-Invent the Wheel?:

Should I Re-Invent the Wheel?:

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