Mark Kernes Chimes in on Getting US out of the UN:

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<< There are a growing number of people – people of influence – who are saying that the U.N. has turned out to be a rather bad idea, and that the United States should give some serious consideration to pulling out.>>

Y’know, I notice that mostly, these calls for the U.S. to get out of the U.N. come when the administration isn’t getting its way there — in other words, when the ideas and interests of folks OTHER than the U.S. are listened to, weighed and acted upon — but wasn’t that the original idea for the organization? That EVERYBODY’S concerns and all points of view would be discussed and put to a vote, and the majority wins?

(It also comes when somebody mentions that the U.S. STILL hasn’t paid its billions of dollars in debts/dues to the organization, but I’M SURE that’s no part of the reason NOW — I’M SURE, I tell you!)

I mean, I find all this talk of the U.N. (or at least its Security Council) being “irrelevant” to be laughable. Bush is GOING to attack Iraq, Security Council agreement or not, and just because that organization won’t rubber-stamp Bush’s plans, it’s “irrelevant”? The only “reason” it’s “irrelevant” is because it doesn’t agree with Bush, the 800-pound gorilla who thinks he can push the world around whenever he wants — and that’s no reason at all. And Bush may just be a little surprised when the world pushes back.

I’m certainly willing to admit that the U.N. isn’t a great organization, but as has been said of democracy, it’s way better than all the alternatives. (And yes, Mike, I know we’re a constitutional republic, not a democracy — something I’m betting a lot of your readers DON’T know, and haven’t thought about the implications of if they do.)

The reason I don’t favor a “one world government” is because, as night follows day, the constitution of that government would be likely to be a collection of the most restrict and invasive laws and regs from every nation on the globe, rather than the most libertarian and enlightened ones. But the U.N. isn’t such a government; it’s a forum where those with differing views can discuss them and hopefully work out their differences. The inspectors, of course, are the “working out” way; Bush’s impending attack is the 800 pound gorilla throwing its weight around… and in the process, destroying future chances for global cooperation under the non-partisan auspices of the United Nations.

Some will say that’s a small price to pay. I think those folks aren’t thinking long-range.


While the UN may have started out with a noble purpose, it has become little more than an organisation used to bash America and to give countries like France a sense of self importance. If the UN is so fair then why does Russia have 3 votes on the UN Security Council yet America has but one? I agree there is a need for a world organisation but the UN ain’t it.

The United Nations is not above the sovereignty of this country, we do not need UN permission to act in our own self interest, we have been patient with them and we have tried to get them to back up their own resolutions. It has reached a point where the UN acts more like our enemy and It is probably time we treated it as such. If we drop out of the UN France and other countries will become of no importance whatsoever in world affairs, the UN will crumble.

While many are whining that this war is to line Bush’s pockets with oil money the same people are turning a blind eye to France’s real agenda in supporting Iraq, yep its money, France does a brisk business selling things like nuclear reactors and rockets to Iraq…many items forbidden by UN sanctions I might add.

I think you underestimate the intellect of my readers, I’d bet most of them know we live in a Constitutional Republic and I’d further bet most of them do understand the implications of that form of government, they know that it is far superior to a Democracy in that democracy=majority rule=mob rule= anarchy. Individual rights are not recognized by Democracy only the will of the majority.

Finally, the United Nations is a good example of Democracy at work, a majority can squelch the rights of an individual nation to protect itself and it’s citizens ad that is unacceptable.

They do seem a tad confused, don’t they?

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Mark Kernes Chimes in on Getting US out of the UN:

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