Look familiar?

Found this gem on Facebook. Had to laugh.


242750cookie-checkLook familiar?

Look familiar?

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3 Responses

  1. If she was actually threatened and not making it up to keep her 15 minutes going…

  2. I know someone is trying to be funny with that meme on Facefuck but if that is her current boyfriend then either she is in a bad relationship or she is in legal trouble the likes of which she probably can’t even imagine. A false police report is serious business, I don’t know if she made the report in her home state of Louisiana or her work state of California but in either state a false police report carries prison time. If she thought she was mistreated being cuffed, stuffed (probably in more ways than one), locked up for an hour or two, released and fined for her domestic violence charge she will really have something to complain about when she is cuffed, locked up and then her holes stuffed nightly by bubba guard dick for two or three years in prison for a felony conviction (for making the false police report).

    I have an idea. Maybe Stormy and Trinity St. Whore can share both a cell and bubbas at one of California’s women’s prisons. They can’t share handcuffs, though — the bubbas will want these ladies hands cuffed tightly behind them and that requires a full pair of cuffs for each of them. 🙂

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