Live Free Or Die

That’s the state motto of New Hampshire and yesterday they had record turnouts at the polls for the states primary election.

It was good news for Hillary, she was expected to lose to Obama but narrowly won with Edwards a distant 3rd.

For the republicans it was a needed win for McCain who was expected to do well in the state particularly with heavy voter turnout, he edged out Mitt Romney by about 5% with Huckabee barely in double digits and Guiliani a very low 9%

New Hampshire has 40% of registered voters as Independents, many people think New Hampshire is a good barometer for how the rest of the country feels, it’s a state that can and does go either way in a presidential election.

about 100,000 more people ( out of about 400,00 total) voters voted Democratic there today, a clear indication that the Republican administration doesn’t have much confidence from the electorate there. Even among Republicans there over half polled by USA Today were unhappy with the current administration. Both parties want change.

Next stop Michigan next Tuesday, then South Carolina but right now this is anyones ballgame on either side, it’s likely to be decided on Feb 5th, super Tuesday, when about 20 states will hold their primaries including California, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennesse and others. This one day will represent over half the delegates to the national conventions, whoever wins big that date will likely be the candidate. Super Tuesday is a MUST win for Romney unless he can pick up momentum in South Carolina. Look for Hillary and Obama to stay neck and neck unless one of them commits a “Howard Dean”

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Live Free Or Die

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