It’s Becoming More and More Apparent That It Will Be Days Before We Know Who the Winner is, Maybe Even Weeks.

OH is going to be decided in 11 Days When Provisional Ballots are counted:
Providional ballots are ballots that are questionable for any reason, lack of proper ID etc. OH law calls for OH to wait 11 days to count these ballots, this is almost certainly going to decide the election now.

Only WI is technically still in play no matter who wins Wisconsin it’s gonna come down to Ohio Which is most likely going to be Bush, But I’m not calling it yet.

Iowa Is Too Close To Call and will NOT Post results Until Wednesday.

Current Election Standings: (Count is in Electoral Votes 270 are Needed to Win)

Bush 257
(GA-15, IN-11, KY-8, WV-5, AL-9, OK-7, TN-11, TX-34, NC-15, SC-8, KS-6, WY-3, VA-13, ND-3, SD-3, NE-5, LA-9, MS-6, UT-5, MT-3, MO-11, ID-4, AZ-10, AR-6, FL-27, CO-9, AK-3, NM-5, NV-5)

Kerry 243
(VT-3, IL-21, MA-12, NJ-15, DE-3, ME-4, MD-10, RI-4, DC-3, CT-7, NY-31, PA-21, CA-55, OR-7, MN-10, WA-11, NH-4, HI-4, MI-17)

OK Bush has announced that he will win…Thats a bone headed move if ever there was one….It gives ammunition that he knew FL or other states were fixed provided he does win. Whoever told him it was a good idea to open his maw on this was a bonafide dumbass.

NH is is now called for Kerry, thats an upset. Please note these are all predictions based on preliminary results. Also note some states like Maine and Nebraska can split the electoral votes so results may not be entirely accurate yet.

Melissa Writes:

It looks as if Florida is going to fuck the world again. If Kerry loses Florida (85% vote is in and Kerry is behind 200K votes), I dont see him taking Ohio and that means one thing: WE ARE FUCKED! I gurrantee that if Bush gets a second term, he is going to come down hard on the porn community to prove to his blinded Christian right that he is serious about keeping America “moral.” Our only hope then is that Rob Black gets acquitted so that we may continue our jobs in this industry.

One thing for sure is that the fix is ON and life as we know it is not going to change….more importantly, get worse.


Kerry Ahead By a Slim Margin In Almost Every Swing State:

According to most exit polls…which are notoriously inaccurate. Stay tuned…I’m gonna be here all night.

YOU!…Outta The Gene Pool!:

Last week I had an experience that forced me to re-examine myself. I was in Toronto and I was extolling the virtues of the Libertarian Party. One of the more controversial of the Libertarian ideals is that drugs should be legal, all of them and I found myself defending that idea.

I said “People are going to do them anyway, if they are stupid enough to abuse them and kill themselves let them…”

Meantime, unknown to me, about 1500 miles away at that very moment someone I love very dearly is laying unconscious in a puddle of her own urine and vomit, alone in her house, dying from an accidental drug overdose.

I said “It isn’t the responsibility of the tax payers and society at large to stop these people from being stupid.”

As she is being admitted to the emergency ward where steps are taken to try to save her life.

I said “Prescription, non perscription, coke, pot, meth whatever…legealize it and the criminal element is removed from the factor, as is the underground economy it creates, the money would be better spent on educating people about the dangers.”

She had purchased some of the drugs from her “friend” and some from her doctor ( legal perscriptions), she took them to go to sleep, to wake up, to calm down or to get energy, they included cocaine, xanax, atavan, and other sedatives.

I said “It isn’t the responsibility of society to rehabilitate these people, it’s the responsibility of private charities and churches.”

Meantime the State invoked a law allowing them to involuntarily commit her her and hold her for psychiatric evaluation, if she lived. The result is supposed to be a court ordered rehabilitation on the basis that she is considered a danger to herself and/or others.

She lived.

I ended up having to do a lot of soul searching, this is someone I genuinely love and I would have been the first to call 911 and ask them to save her life. I’d have sat at the hospital by her side asking the doctors what could be done.

I said that “We should just let Darwin take over, and the ones stupid enough to die from drug use will be eliminated from the gene pool making us stronger as a species…let em die if they are that stupid.”

They released her today, after a cursory psychiatric eval where she told the doctor that she did it by accident. He essentially said OK, I guess you arent suicidal then and he let her go home, essentially saying hey…better luck next time.

I spoke with her and she thought it was funny, some sort of big joke and remarked that her “friend” (the dealer) was going to joke on her for it. I asked if she had reconsidered the drug thing, she said ya she had, she wouldn’t “do so much anymore”

You!…Outta the Gene Pool……

It’s Election Day…Know What I want?:

A Clear winner. I despise Bush but I would rather see him win than see the election drug through the courts again.

I want both candidates to accept whatever the results are even if it comes down to one damn vote in one state.

I want both sides to shut the fuck up about intimidation or fraud unless they have clear dead certain proof that the election was decided by storm troopers or a hundred thousand ghosts voting from the graveyard.

Trust in the electorial process is more important than who wins this election. We can surrive either of these numbnuts for 4 years. We can’t survive a populace that no longer has trust in the voting process.

I Want both sides to remember that the Office of the President of the United States is more important than the man who happens to be filling it, and delegitimizing the Presidancy does more harm to the country than either of these assholes will do.

It’s after midnight here so it’s election day. I want everyone to go vote today and then accept the winner as the President-elect. That is far more important than who the winner is.

13740cookie-checkIt’s Becoming More and More Apparent That It Will Be Days Before We Know Who the Winner is, Maybe Even Weeks.

It’s Becoming More and More Apparent That It Will Be Days Before We Know Who the Winner is, Maybe Even Weeks.

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