I am travelling to Tampa for the Tampa Show..y’all come on out and see us:

When the world trade center was attacked 2 years ago Cori Love and I were in Tampa for this very show, it got cancelled but we haven’t nor will we forget how we felt that day.

What amazes me is how the right wing zealots are quick to blame religious fundamentalism for this attack, fanatic Islam and all that shit. They are correct in that this was an attack on us because they don’t like the freedom that we have in this country, the freedom from religious rule. yet these same right wing activists led by the likes Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh would love to do EXACTLY the same to our industry. For exactly the same reasons. It frightens them that we can be so up front and liberated about our sexuality, it intimidates them that the government “allows us to exist”.

Allow me to remind you people that the government does not allow us to exist, we exist in spite of the government, because our founding fathers wrote as the very first amendment that our government cannot abridge these rights, ie the government doesn’t grant them, they are recognized as “god given” for ack of a better term.

For the Second amendment our founding fathers gave us the power to enforce the first and all the rest should the government get too big for its britches.

Many of you have read it before, its in my random quotes at the top of this page, for some of you it’s there right now. “The only good politician is one with a gun held to his head, put it in his hands and its good bye to the bill of rights” – H. L. Mencken. You probably laughed when you read it because you recongnize how true it is. But you might be overlooking something, you see it’s that second amendment, the right to bear arms, that gives us that gun to hold to the politicians head, and if we allow them to take it from us they no longer has to face the fact that we can overthrow them. The them, of course being government. So the next time you hear some hair brained idea about porn for guns or cash for guns or whateve,r remember you are being asked to hand over the only power you have in the event it ever becomes necessary to protect yourself, and you are handing it to the same government that runs the DMV. Does that make you feel safe?


9540cookie-checkI am travelling to Tampa for the Tampa Show..y’all come on out and see us:

I am travelling to Tampa for the Tampa Show..y’all come on out and see us:

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