Elliot Spitzer, Prostitution and Politics

I don’t think the Elliot Spitzer things seriously surprises anyone.  I mean here’s a law and order family values type ( A Democrat I might add) who supported legislation to impound the property of Individuals soliciting for prostitution.  And he turns out to be a “John” himself.

Do you think they are going to confiscate any of HIS property?

I don’t think this self important piece of shit is getting anywhere near the heat he should be.

Hypocrisy is the greatest sin in politics it’s the very one for which there is NO real excuse. Every person he fined or sent to jail for prostitution, solicitation of prostitution and related charges should have thier fines and sentences added up and thats how much time he should do and how much of a fine he should pay JUST for the prostitution part.

Not to mention money laundering, Mann Act violations and whatever else is lurking in the shadows of all this.

But he won’t have to face charges for being a “John” on that you can bet, while the Johns he prosecuted are still paying the price.

Even now this hypocritical tomato seed out of a turd would likely tell you with a straight face that prostitution SHOULD be illegal, sure he would say that he isn’t going to be charged for that, bet on it.

I challenge any of you to give me any reason why prostitution should be illegal.

The only thing I can say about Spitzer is at least she is a cute girl.

When compared to recent Republicans caught soliciting males in mens bathroom stalls, Spitzer looks positively like a class act.

What in Gods name have we come to?

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Elliot Spitzer, Prostitution and Politics

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