Election Night results Will Be Posted Here

Obama Wins!

No matter what you hear on TV or the radio …Its over  McCain would have to take Washington or California to win and that aint gonna happen

Obama takes OH and that puts it out of reach for McCain…game over.

Some interesting notes…polls have been closed in TX for almost 2 hrs and TX is too close to call.  TX should have been an easy win for McCain…that ones a surprise thats it is still undecided 2 hrs later.
CNN has been off by 1 EV all night apparently nobody there can add. CNN finally fixed their numbers…after 3 hrs of them being wrong LOL

As of the current time (270 Electoral Votes Needed to win)

Obama – 324 Electoral Votes – its official now

McCain – 139 Electoral Votes

State results:

Obama – VT, MA, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, IL, NH, PA, MN, WI, MI, NY, RI, OH, NM, IA, VA, WA, OR, CA, FL

McCain – KY, SC, OK, TN, AL, WY, ND, GA, WV, KS, LA, AR, UT, TX, MS, ID

whatever states are left no longer matter only question is when McCain will concede…I have 1130

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Election Night results Will Be Posted Here

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